Kies je tijdlijn

  KIES JE TIJDLIJN 3D - 4D - 5D ASCENSIE   NU is het tijd om ons opnieuw te verbinden met de visie die we allemaal hebben voor wat we willen zien ontvouwen voor de mensheid, Moeder Aarde en het leven.   NU is de tijd om ons opnieuw af te stemmen op de frequentie van vrede, harmonie en gelijkheid in ons hart. De frequentie

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It’s time to go up.

It's time to go up. Time for ascension.   Ascension is a word translated in some languages ​​as: elevator, rising, take off or climbing. Rise to an ever greater view, to a higher point, a higher consciousness, with a deeper level of insight into the existence of this world.   The contrast of ascending, the opposite, is descending; to descend into lower realms. As a

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Mastery of the Spirit

Mastery of the Spirit   Why was reincarnation removed from the bible? Why were we led to believe there is a heaven and there is a hell? Why are we all growing up with the conditioning of death as the end, instead of passing as the continuing and expansion of the Soul? Why was humanity cut of from spirituality and separated in religion?   God

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