Mastery of the Spirit // The lost child

  Our soul processes experiences and lessons on different themes in this life and in this body and developscognitive and emotional functions, acting on the basis of memory.The soul, as it were, collects life and responds with life through growth and development. The soul is the energetic spiritual aspect that manages our mental, emotional and physical immune systems and our health.

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Mastery of the Spirit // The King of the Light

Christmas is the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ; The Son of God. The incarnation and actualization of God in human form. He who lived by example to lead the way in the process of awakening. The Bible tells us that a new star in the sky would be seen as a sign of the birth of the Savior. This is what the wise

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Trust means having patience

TRUST MEANS HAVING PATIENCE The God Force has its own schedule! We can either acknowledge this intrinsic reality of manifestation and choose to work co-creatively with the God-spirit within, trusting that together you and the universe will create the perfect "Divine Right Timing" (and if that isn't "Right NOW" , there IS a very good reason for this), or you can let the ego self

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Advent: Learning to trust ascension

Ascension & Trust As we shift our energy day by day during Advent to the intention of Christmas, the rhythm of winter, slowly slowing us down, invites us to slowly but surely turn inward. By releasing dark density in ourselves and thinking and feeling what it takes to live in light and love. Ask yourself these questions: – What is my body telling me what

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Advent: Learning how to trust ascension

Advent day 7 Trust & Ascension   As we are shifting out energy day by day towards the intention of Christmas. We make use of the cycle this full moon assists us in to enter. To release density and accept the force of the winter that slows us down to rest and reflect. Ask yourself these questions as you prepare for tomorrow nights meditation –

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Choose your timeline

  CHOOSE YOUR TIMELINE 3D - 4D - 5D ASCENSION   NOW is the time to reconnect with the vision we all hold for what we want to see unfold for humanity, Mother Earth and life.   NOW is the time to realign with the frequency of peace, harmony and equality in our hearts. The frequency that resonated within all of us and awakened a

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It’s time to go up.

It's time to go up. Time for ascension.   Ascension is a word translated in some languages ​​​​as: elevator, rising, take off or climbing. Rise to an ever greater view, to a higher point, a higher consciousness, with a deeper level of insight into the existence of this world.   The contrast of ascending, the opposite, is descending; to descend into lower realms. As a

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Mastery of the Spirit

Mastery of the Spirit   Why was reincarnation removed from the bible? Why were we led to believe there is a heaven and there is a hell? Why are we all growing up with the conditioning of death as the end, instead of passing as the continuing and expansion of the Soul? Why was humanity cut of from spirituality and separated in religion?   God

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