Mastery of the Spirit // The King of the Light

Christmas is the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ; The Son of God.
The incarnation and actualization of God in human form.
He who lived by example to lead the way in the process of awakening.

The Bible tells us that a new star in the sky would be seen as a sign of the
birth of the Savior. This is what the wise men of the east saw when they saw the star
followed and came from afar to worship the baby Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.
Those who are awake know that what we have been taught or presented as true is untruth

The dogmas passed down through generations through religion and its support systems
society tell you nothing about the core purpose of the Gnostics.
Many books have been removed from the Bible;
To prevent you from finding your own divine light.
To avoid understanding your full potential.
To denounce and blaspheme these mysterious teachings and the real spiritual ones
to call. To hide truth and ridicule those who spoke and lived this, like
today’s conspiracy theorist.

To weaken and belittle man into dependent and unworthy of their own divine
connection but only through external authority and authority like the church.
To take away the feminine healing energy powers by degrading it as sinful,
less, weak, dangerous and witchcraft.
To take away the sanctity of the union of sexes and with it the
male and female phallic energy in creative and manifestation power to degrade to
sinfulness or merely as procreation.

To hide the laws of the universe that teach the energy balance of Karma in Darhma.
To hide the sacred knowledge of symbolism to turn curses into blessings and
blessings in spiritual sanctity in all forms of energy.
To have the truth about reincarnation, healing, ascension and enlightenment removed.
To remove our connection to nature, guides, archangels, Spirit as part of
our existence in this universe that flows through us and grows while we are the light.
We are God.

And this is where humanity was diverted from its own divinity and responsibility
to follow his example to awaken, cleanse and
control and purify to activate the Light Body.
Your awakening at this moment is just as relevant today as the lies and corruption of the past
to keep you asleep so that you truth about the ancient and divine powers of the
to hide from you mystery teachings, which are the gateway to freedom, autonomy, health and

Centuries ago, the followers of Jesus Christ, his disciples, the Cathars and the
Templars hunted down and executed and the teachings were hijacked by the dark
and hidden behind the highest degree of Freemasonry. For they taught us how we are all God
are children and have the divine powers of enlightenment through the example of Jesus
to follow Christ.

His birth, his life, his divine marriage to Mary
Magdalene, his crucifixion, his resurrection, his consciousness all represent the way
to enlightenment for all mankind.
Jesus was a master, a divine teacher who was the living example of it
purification process to bring in the male and female energies within
balance and overcome the ego itself to activate the Christ.

Mary Magdalene was an apostle, the divine apostle of the apostles, Jesus called her.
After Jesus delivered her from her demons, she too activated the Lightbody in pure
Love and taught them the sacred rites of the mystery schools.
Together, Jesus and Mary performed the Hieros Gamos, the Sacred Wedding or Mystical Marriage
of twin flames.

In the great awakening on Earth now taking place, these teachings of Mastery and Mystery will be brought back and the Temple of
Healing being rebuilt with ancient wisdom and insights of today.
And so many will help and build on the path of Awakening.
An Evolution of Light is taking place.

Man heals from within on his way back to the light.
And you are part of it.

“For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see”
I wish you a lit Christmas