Mastery in yourself

Mastery is growing in awareness and influence over yourself.

Possessing strength, skill and technique to move towards the light.

The ability to stand out, shine and excel in the expression of who you are.

When you are optimally balanced, free from blockages or resistance, you excel in the creation of your life on the waves of Flow.

Gaining mastery over yourself is about becoming aware and learning to be in the different stages of development. These phases are cycles, a given challenge that you constantly move in and out of.
Truly getting to know and understand yourself in all aspects and learning to move in the contrast of every experience helps you to balance again and again, to steer again into the light of well-being and self-actualization.

Mastery comes from gaining full awareness of the entire playing field of your potential, your story and the life unfolding before you; personal or professional.

Mastery answers:

– Where you are in your life.

– What state you are in right now inside and out.

– Who you are and what you want to experience, bring, create, be, feel, mean and do.

– What holds you back, blocks or limits you.

– What it takes to come, be and experience what you desire and how you are going to get there.

Mastery offers programs that give you insight, knowledge, skills and perspective on a lighter and higher consciousness.

Consciousness gives you choices to direct yourself in the actualization of who you are.

The 6 stage of development

Gaining mastery over yourself encompasses 6 stages of development that chart the powerful movement of growth.

The more insight and understanding you gain about these phases and about yourself, the more you can follow the movement of each new cycle from balance and a returning state of flow.

The 6 phases of development that are constantly moving in everyone’s life and require your attention and therefore direction are:

– Development (growth & deepening)

– Regeneration (healing & recovery)

– Actualization (identity & talent)

– Strategy (insight & direction)

– Leadership (vision & steering)

– Empowerment (self-confidence & strength)

Go through the Mastery of Self Flow Chart to find out where you are, where you may be stagnating and which program best suits the development of your Flow at the moment.

Autonomy & Flow

Autonomy means that you break free from set frameworks, expectations and beliefs, in order to grow in the mastery of being yourself, in the expression of who you are and in directing your life.

Development in life is about becoming broader in awareness, knowledge and skills to find balance again and again in who you are now and where you are now.
The development, life, always moves on in search of new growth, space and balance.

When everything flows. When everything seems to go smoothly. Then you are in a state of Flow . Connecting with yourself and the world around you in a space of resonance, high frequency that translates into a feeling of happiness, fulfillment, passion, contentment.
Gaining mastery over yourself in order to manage this state of Flow is called autonomy.
Being self-managing in your light and in your life.

You experience stagnation during changes, if that space and autonomy is not there or if you think that it is not there.

Mastery teaches you to consciously look at your development and facilitates the space in a program that fits this phase and the need for Flow.

Mastery of Self Flow Chart