Mastery in Development

Professional development

Mastery in the workplace is about professionalism; having the right knowledge, skills and attitude.
Developing professional mastery to communicate in a self-confident, collegial, customer-oriented and balanced manner along three channels: content, procedure and process (the dynamics and climate in relationships or in the team).

Mastery 1-1 Coaching supports professionals to get a better picture of their qualities, pitfalls and challenges. They become aware of their impact, the effects of their own communication and gain insight into the different levels of interaction and intervention and thus learn to positively influence their own behavior and the behavior of others. This creates pro-active, self-managing employees who shape the vision of the organization in a professional manner.

Leadership development

Mastery enables managers to manage sustainable change and improvement within their organization and/or team.

You learn 1-1 or in training to sharpen your leadership style and skills from systemic, strategic, psychological and emotive management education at the level of development, transition and transformation in organization, team and people.

This means that as a leader you learn to observe, address and manage the entire field; that which is tangible, visible and concrete and that which is invisible, tangible, dynamic and decisive.

In this way, every manager can learn to steer from the result-oriented organizational strength that brings people together.

With a view to the vision and strategy, in constant movement and connection, to further develop and professionalize together.

Mastery in Leadership:

“Hard with a ‘D’ on the result and Hart with a ‘T’ on the relationship”

Personal development

Mastery Training levels 1 and 2 enable you to increase your insight into yourself so that you can manage the balance of self-confidence and self-expression in your life, based on insight, focus, authenticity and self-awareness. Without this balance there is a loss of strength and focus that ultimately results in stress, dissatisfaction, insecurity and ultimately in illness. By getting to know yourself and learning to let go of your first, quick, automatic, autobiographical reactions oOn a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level, there is room for development.

The training is aimed at increasing awareness, self-management and learning skills that contribute to this. By investing in yourself, your development and your balance, you grow in strength, self-confidence and Autonomy , which translates into experiencing Flow.

Meesterschao enables you to control your own Flow by making choices in every phase of development in your life.

Consciousness Development

The Master classes that connect to the Mastery training 1 and 2 enable you to understand yourself even further and manage yourself on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level. In each masterclass you deepen your knowledge and self-management Intellectual and intuitive level. You learn to see and recognize connections vfrom different systemic, psychological, scientific and energetic theories, you learn about transitions and transformations in life, about the power of energy and communication and learn to strengthen your influence on this .

Mastery in development is:

Learning to think, perceive, listen, feel and communicate differently to create a new balance in the movement of change.