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Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is an online community for and by people working on growth, development, consciousness, health and light. People from all over the world share their experiences here and it is my pleasure to keep offering the inspiration and information to take the next step, to find recognition and acknowledgement.
The community is its own kind of Facebook, a private group where I share my content, articles, videos and give live teachings.

A safe space where you can learn, grow, share, question and most of all inspire each other by connecting with each other.

Every two weeks there is a Live teaching via Zoom in the Inner Circle on Thursday evenings where I cover a different topic each time depending on the time of year, developments in the group and or developments in my own process.

Using the Mastery teachings, I talk about a piece of psychology, health, spirituality, history, science and thus connect the processes of development in life to daily practice. Theory becomes life and becomes relatable as we share the seasons, the challengse in alle areas of life, health and insight and thus we learn and grow together.

The power and energy field of a group naturally pulls you forward and upward in your process. We need each other to reflect and connecting and sharing in a private international group produces wonderful development and friendships.

Every quarter we do a 21-day challenge in meditation, detox and or fasting with each other. By following the cycle of the seasons together, in addition to sharing our own processes and learning about the many stages of development, living from mastery becomes so much more beautiful and lighter. The connection, togetherness and safety provide a space for anyone who wants to practise and share who you are and what you are going through.

The language of instruction is English and members come from all over the world. I record the live teachings and share the YouTube video on the Feed in the group so you can watch it back anytime with subtitles.

The Inner Circle is English spoken, but I try to translate and subtitle as often in Dutch. Being handy with google translate can help you in translation and it challenges you to improve your English in reading, listening and interacting with others.

Participants attending a Mastery program will have the opportunity to also enter the Inner Circle.
Inner Circle members receive a 10% discount on all Mastery programs.

Membership costs only 5,- euros monthly or 55,- euros annually

The Inner Circle is:

  • A private, inspiring and safe online space to expand your awareness

  • A place to nurture yourself and learn together and alone about all Mastery-related developments in life

  • A community with 2 weekly Inner Circle Webinar with Mastery teachings, Q&A and meditation (live & recorded)

  • A place where you are invited to share your messages, answers and questions in the safety and privacy of this group

  • A place to read, write, look, listen, feel, enjoy and grow


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