Inner Circle 1 Month recurring Membership


With this Inner Circle 1 month recurring membership, you pay 5 euros to be welcomed in my Circle of Light.

You will receive the monthly membership for the Inner Circle.

Additionally; You support me in the setting up of this circle with this payment and gift me the confidence and solid base I need to co-create this group with you, for which I am very grateful.

The Inner Circle:

  • A place of high vibration only
  • A private and initimate space to enjoy and expand your conciousness
  • A place to feed and nourish your self with all Mind Body & Spirit related creations (weekly Awakening to Mastery podcast, 2 weekly Inner Circle Webinar with updates, Q&A and meditation (live & recorded)
  • A place to read, write, watch, listen, feel, enjoy and expand (daily inspiration)
  • A place were you are also invited to share your posts, replies and questions in all safety and privacy of this group
  • A place where you get served unconditional and uncensored high vibrational truths that will elevate your mind, feed your senses and release your Spirit
  • There are no algo ritmes, there is no censorship, there is nothing but pure vibration of sharing and uplifting as my intent, protection and guidance is set around this group

Open the door to your Membership with daily doors to your heart,
or gift this membership of Light to a loved one.

You will receive a email from me, upon your enrollment on this page with your login code to enter the Inner Circle or to pass on as a gift.

We rise and connect together

And so it is

Sending Love