Team Coaching – Professional Culture

Preparation Team Coaching Phase 1 & 2

In consultation with the client and managers, we tailor each process and team to the needs, based on the results of a prior analysis.

We recommend adding phase 1 and/or 2 workshops to the process prior to a team coaching process.

By using phases 1 and 2 in advance and then during the team coaching, the team experiences more ownership, involvement and influence over the desired result. This creates the urgency to work in a joint movement of development during the process towards the result

Phase 1 Strategic Analysis workshop

The team collects in an online dashboard; A) the Current Situation and B) the Desired Situation at the level of content, structure and culture in the team. From this analysis, the strategic objectives and the dynamic objectives arise that can be included in the Team Coaching.

Phase 2 DNA & Vision workshop

The team develops its own vision and strategy from jointly selected ingredients that determine the agreements in the culture and structure of the organization.

Team Coaching Professional Culture


– Develop common language and skills for effective and professional communication (translated from the DNA)

– Gain insight into and make agreements about effective cooperation in the structure (translated from the analysis)

– Create team building and mutual cohesion and connection

– Learning to address and solve resistance from past, present and expected future

– Learn to navigate through the different phases of change while maintaining connection and balance

Learn to hold meetings effectively and proactively from the Qualityboard dashboard


short theory, reflecting, practicing and working from your own case studies, making agreements.

Time: 4 half days with a few weeks in between.

Team Coaching Professional Culture Time Cost

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