Mastery in Regeneration

In seeking balance in the constant movement of changes in life, we cannot escape the experience of dark side by side with light.
Due to experiences of setbacks, difficulties and stress, you can temporarily or longer feel that you are not getting along or moving forward. You can fall out, get sick and feel like you’re being overwhelmed and you can’t recognize up or down for a while.
It is very important to receive timely guidance in this phase in order to regain overview and peace of mind.
From there you can work on recovery, balance and even grow into a stronger and improved version of yourself.

That is the phase of regeneration; recovery, balance and growth.

Your personal balance determines the degree of development you need for your professional development.
Being able to restore the balance within yourself, knowing that challenges will continue to come, ensures self-management, autonomy and flow in your well-being and in your work. This phase can therefore be important to use both preventively and for recovery.

Recovery & burn out prevention

In 1-1 coaching or in a group training with individual guidance, you work on regeneration by gaining insight into yourself, acknowledging your experience, knowledge about the effect of stress, skill in learning to direct, resilience in being able to fall and get up and perspective on your potential and talent. After this process you feel better and you are bigger and stronger than before.

1-1 coaching
Recovery & burn out prevention program

Mind Body Light program

In this online program you will learn the basic Mastery knowledge (level 1) that will give you insight into the operation of your own system; mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. You will learn about the psychology and metabolic works of the Mind – Body connection and the importance of learning to direct your thoughts, beliefs, rest, movement, nutrition and relationships and the connection to your own light. Everything you take in has an effect on your energy. And energy is power and information that you need for the development of your well-being and your potential; your light. Learn to control the light within yourself by regenerating; detoxing and resetting on every level of your being is the most important starting point in this program. An art that will support you in every stage of development in your life.

After this program you can participate in the 30 day Reset challenge where we in our community the Inner Circle jointly learn to use the different ways of detoxing and fasting.

Meditation & Energy program

In this online program you learn to implement a new skill in your life at your own pace in 21 days; the art of meditation and energy. An art that will help you enormously in controlling balance, well-being, health and light. You can follow this program self-directed and individually with a reader, videos or meditations or by participating in the 21 days challenge in the Inner Circle community here online. Keep in the Inner Circle once a quarter we have a meditation challenge with people from home and abroad, where everyone shares their questions and experiences on our closed platform and we hold joint live teachings and meditations.