Mastery in steering from vision

Craftsmanship arises through the development of substantive knowledge and skills in the organisation’s field of expertise.

Leadership arises through the development of vision, strategy and management.

Mastery arises through the development of awareness across the entire playing field of the organization and the ability to ignite, connect and harness the power of all involved towards the desired result.

Leading from Vision & Mastery includes all 3 of these elements.

Mastery guides managers in the training Directing from Vision & Mastery, in-company, in a trajectory or in a group of professionals in the development of situational systemic & dynamic leadership.

The leadership that steers from the Heart with a ‘T’ on the vision and the relationship and from the Hard with a ‘D’ on the result.

Leadership is essentially about taking people along and activating them, towards a certain goal based on a vision.

An effective manager is able to manage the different phases of development and change at the level of content, structure and culture. Leading from the vision then also requires consciously steering towards transition on the one hand and transformation on the other, in connection with the desired result and the current situation.

However, an effective leader can also deal with changing situations, support and encourage employees to change and lead by example. This makes the role of the manager a critical success factor for the performance of teams, departments and organizations. In order to be effective and to optimally adapt to the situation, a manager can fulfill different roles. The role of visionary, inspirer, leader, coach and manager.

Program : Training Situational Leadership

Approach: 2 self-study readers and 6 joint study sessions for managers


o Learn to apply Transactional Analysis in teams, 1-1 and the organization

o Systemic & dynamic leadership

o Strategic management based on content, procedure and process

o Leading vision, structure and culture

o Effective Communication Skills

o Professional interaction and intervention skills

o Dealing with resistance in transition and transformation

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