Mastery in Strategy

In this phase of development, there is a need for a clear dot on the horizon, a joint course and connection in the organization and team to get the job done.

By jointly sharp Make an analysis about the playing field of the organization (Content, structure, culture) and by the Making a vision from your own Identity & DNA as concrete and tangible as possible creates clarity about the potential of the organization and the dot, the road, the course and the drive to want to come together there .

That is a strategy from Mastery.

Mastery guides teams in two workshops towards the development of a visible, workable and joint vision and strategy. By using all perspectives, experiences and qualities on the work floor, the strategy is created in co-creation and we immediately implement it in an online dashboard.

Mastery offers in collaboration with Qualityboard ;

1) a Strategic Analysis workshop and 2) a DNA & Vision workshop.

Workshop 1 Strategic Analysis workshop

The team collects in an online dashboard; A) the Current Situation and B) the Desired Situation at the level of content, structure and culture in the team. From this analysis, the strategic objectives and the dynamic objectives arise that can be included in the Team Coaching.

In this analytical workshop, it becomes clear what is and is not yet present in the organization in order to be able to manage and work together top-down and bottom-up. The yield is an analysis and goals in it Quality board. The dashboard that everyone directly applies as a tool during the workshops. After the workshops, Qualityboard can be used for another week to see if Qualityboard suits your organization.

You can then translate objectives yourself or under supervision into; tasks, actions, schedules, procedures, quality standards and management information. Objectives are directly assigned to responsible employees, linked to agenda and mailbox. By going through this workshop and working with Qualityboard, organizations are able to actually implement their strategy efficiently and effectively on the shop floor.

This makes it possible to manage strategy and vision.

Workshop DNA & Vision workshop

The team develops its own vision and strategy based on jointly selected ingredients; the DNA of the organization. The DNA determines the agreements in the culture and structure of the organization.

In this dynamic workshop, the DNA is activated, the vision is visualized and the core strategy is made crystal clear. The yield is a very valuable connection in the added value of the organization and a trinity of the organization or team that visualizes and articulates everything.

The dot on the horizon becomes visible, tangible and palpable in the connection of the result that has been formulated with each other, activating motivation.

By using this workshop, the team experiences ownership, involvement and influence over the desired result. This creates the urgency to work in a joint movement of development during the process towards the result. As a follow-up to both workshops, we recommend using a Team Coaching trajectory to translate the vision and structure into a culture where the team learns to reinforce each other from a Professional culture with its own DNA and its own strategy .

If you continue to work with Qualityboard, we will process the part; Effective meetings and learning how to work in this dashboard in the content of the Team Coaching.