Mastery in Organizations

Mastery is growing in awareness and influence.

Possessing strength, skill and technique to steer.

The ability to stand out together, to shine and to excel.

If the organization is optimally balanced, the workplace is free of resistance, the organization excels in the creation of the vision, the light on the horizon.

Craftsmanship arises through the development of substantive knowledge and skills in the organisation’s field of expertise.

But mastery is needed to make an organization truly successful.

Mastery in the organization answers:

– Where are you in your development as an organization or team?

– What environment are you in and what should you take into account on the way?

– What you want to put down, be, do, experience, bring and radiate as an organization?

– What does it take and how are you going to get there?

– In which phase are your teams and employees now?

– What it takes to get everyone there where you want to arrive together and what it is that you have achieved together?

Go through the Mastery Organization Flow Chart here to find out in which phase your organization or team is now and which program can drive the right development.

Read more about the 6 stages of development below.

Mastery offers processes that give direction to every development in the organization, team and employee, on the way to the desired result.

The 6 stages of development

You acquire mastery in organizations in 6 phases of development.

Every organization constantly goes through a number of cyclical and therefore recurring phases of development at the level of internal, external, management, team and employee.

The more awareness you get about these phases and the cycle in the organization; the more predictably and effectively you can navigate and direct the movement. The more insight you get about A) the needs of teams and employees to be able to join the movement that the organization is making now and B) using the right intervention to achieve the desired result.

Mastery training & coaching offers strategic, dynamic and psychological and pedagogical guidance and education for professionals to grow effectively in every development and at every layer of the organization (in education, business and government).

The 6 stages of development that constantly move and demand mastery are;

– Strategy (Analysis & Vision)

– Leadership (Situational leadership)

– Empowerment (Confidence & Motivation)

– Development (Perspective & Growth)

– Regeneration (Recovery & Balance)

– Update ( Identity & Talent)

Mastery in organization brings identity, focus, clarity, involvement, awareness, effectiveness, self-management and proactivity.

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