Bio: About me & Mastery

My years of experience in large corporate organizations were the foundation of Mastery, where I learned about development in organizations, teams and people and the importance of connection in collaboration and creating a positive culture.

I coach boards, teams and have had the opportunity to support hundreds of people professionally and personally in their process, to increase balance, effectiveness and autonomy in themselves and in their context, in relationships and in collaboration.

My strength and talent lies in being able to see through the balance and imbalance, the dark and the light, the cause and the effect on the potential in every system; organization, team and person.

The next step is to connect with the insight and needs to facilitate a movement toward change and improvement in an enlightening, inspiring way.

Always from the starting point: ” Heart with a t on the relationship and Hard yet loving with a d on the result.”

I point out exactly what people do not yet see or unconsciously avoid and make connections to restore balance, create space, direct the flow of power and give everyone a push towards the light.

This creates insight and through the safe space I always offer, a natural movement in transition and transformation, resulting in; Mastery.

So that every organization, team or person can move forward on their own from a broader awareness, with greater skill and with more connection, confidence and self-direction.

So I prefer to call myself, with a wink, alchemist rather than coach. Because I like to make what is dark light and bring out the gold in everything and everyone.

By combining the core of different theories, translated into a number of models that I draw and explain, I link the situation in which one is stuck to a model, so that it becomes visible what is happening now that is blocking the flow. Thus, over the years I have developed several Mastery teachings, curricula and program,s and created my own theory and teaching for organizations, team and people at all stages of development.

I started Mastery in 2019. The House of Mastery website is a house that combines all the components of Mastery with which one can be challenged in life. In 2022, I added my online university to this. House of Evolution was born; the online platform for all Mastery programs and with its own Mastery community; the Inner Circle where I get to further connect and guide people from all over the world and most importantly they also support and inspire each other.

My curiosity and eagerness to learn, combined with the challenges in my own life, have always driven me to improve, deepen and become proficient in anything life offers; psychology, strategy, systemic dynamics, quantum physics, nutrition, energy healing and more. I continue to grow and so does my House of Mastery and my House of Evolution.

I teach, train, coach, inspire, write and work with heart and soul to grow myself and Mastery to guide as many people as possible in finding their own path to autonomy, well-being and actualization from dark to light.

I teach people what I have learned myself, so that they too can move forward in their own way and they too can pass on their light again.

Because that’s what we’re here to do together.

In 2023/2024, the training for professionals will begin; Become a Mastery Coach.
If you have a background or training as a coach and are interested in being trained by me and perhaps joining my team; please let me know.

Highly illuminating,

Danielle Stotijn