Mastery in Strategy

Every organization consists of 3 elements that together determine its potential and success:

The vision from the Content and then the Structure and Culture.

These are the 3 knobs you can learn to turn from strategic mastery to achieve the desired results.

If you know where your attention should be on the way to the goal and you have an overview of the dashboard, then you know where and when to intervene to steer toward the outcome.

1. Content / Vision

The Vision is the dot and the goal on the horizon and the strategy the path to it.

Mastery offers a DNA & Strategy workshop to arrive at a clear, shared, vision and strategy that is supported by all employees, from a common DNA.

This DNA is created by executing a formula that results in the vision and strategy.

A formula that the whole team contributes to and can commit to from that co-creation.

2. Structure

The Structure supports the Vision and Strategy in its realization, the road to it.

By providing insight into
necessary aspects and attributing authority throughout the organization creates structure in all
; objectives, tasks. actions, schedules, mandate, procedures, quality standards,
lines of communication and management information.

Mastery offers a Dashboard workshop that translates the vision and strategy directly, online and in real time into an organizational dashboard program that everyone in the organization is connected to and can work with immediately.

Qualityboard is the only online organizational dashboard that makes all components between vision and workplace insightful and manageable. In this dashboard, manager and team learn to lay out the strategy in a structure in order to drive the desired results from the communication in the dashboard; goals, actions, agenda, schedule, mail, meetings, minutes, quality standards and reports; everything is linked together.

The dashboard becomes the heart of the organization; where everything happens and is insightful for everyone.

This strategic online structure streamlines daily work and enables mastery direction toward results. Learn more about


3. Culture

Culture ultimately drives the organization in the realization of the vision; the ultimate goal. Culture determines the positive or negative dynamics to make the conceived vision and strategy a reality.

Mastery offers team coaching and training to strengthen team autonomy and professionalism. The strength of the culture in the collaboration between colleagues and clients, within the frameworks of the vision, constitutes the navigation capability of the organization, to get from A to B.

The team learns to be and stay connected, with a shared focus on results and the ability to deal with resistance, setbacks and change.

Culture drives the organization.