Advent: Learning to trust ascension

Ascension & Trust

As we shift our energy day by day during Advent to the intention of Christmas, the rhythm of winter, slowly slowing us down, invites us to slowly but surely turn inward.

By releasing dark density in ourselves and thinking and feeling what it takes to live in light and love.

Ask yourself these questions:

– What is my body telling me what to let go of?

– Where do I feel density being pushed out through my body?

– What tells my soul it takes to be light and love?

With every thought, feeling, or action that we choose Self-love over Ego-judgment, we transmute density throughout our being. The body receives the message from the heart or from the Ego.
To either let go and allow the soul room to heal and expand in light and energy.

Or to hold on to what is and to suppress the energy.

Decompressing is the act of Ascension.
To climb the ladder of Soul evolution, by healing the soul in self love and light. In other words, when you have learned another lesson and passed the test by choosing that Self love, you step up the stairway of frequencies and you become more light.

The body that has pure cells and releases dark can also absorb, integrate and propagate more and more light. Your body also changes as a result of thinking, feeling and acting differently. Biology is shifting from survival, which requires the production of hormones that help fight or suppress, to living in light, which means biologically processing photosynthesis. A process used by all living organisms to convert light energy into more vital breathing and blood flow. And this light energy can later be released to fuel the organism for activity.

In other words, you integrate more of the divine light through you into energy and compassionate action from your heart.


At this time, the Earth is also changing its frequency on the ladder of evolution like all life. So to stay in alignment and harmony with all life, we are also being forced, directed and challenged to shift along.
Exactly what is needed is happening in creation to ensure this harmony, including in you.
Slowly the body adapts from carbon to crystalline light frequencies that are now measured but not fully understood by science.
As with the still lack of full understanding of the divine DNA of man; if you take out the spiritual aspect and the divine power of creation, you don’t even get half the story; which means that there is still talk of DNA waste or unused parts. The rest of your DNA is essentially; the soul, not visible, measurable or tangible but the magical wondrous and divine part of creation.

Ascension is the process of the evolution of all life force returning; heals, grows, learns and becomes one again with the omnipresent life force of light and love to create heaven here on earth together.

By learning to let go of density within yourself, we purify in alchemy and transmute into higher beings of light and love; as Jesus taught and showed us how we too can heal and direct ourselves by overcoming the ego and returning to light.


While there is no judgment as to whether or not a body can transform as light levels rise, the effect can often be felt by anyone as heaviness. Even without understanding what is happening, the ascension takes place.

Physical density is perhaps most palpable in this process, as crystalline structures and cosmic rays simply command the body to change. This outside influence is the collective growth that we as humans go through together. Each on our own path, but we also go through this process together.

When you release the density of thoughts, beliefs, memories, pain and suffering that the ego holds onto and you identify with, the body will shift into higher awareness through the shaking of old structures. You feel it in your body that changes. Think of high blood pressure, ringing in the ears, sweating, shivering, muscle joint pain, headache, palpitations, dizziness and nausea.

Remember these human cleansing routines the next time you’re sick. The body has begun a healing and ascension program. We have simply lost understanding and insight for it.

We become more sensitive to the weight of the old structures as our consciousness expands. That means you can tolerate less of the darker frequencies of words, actions, food and drink.
This also applies to people, places, hobbies and work.
The body begins to reject lower frequencies in order to purify you spiritually and cleanse the soul of the darkness of the ego.

Because that’s how it’s meant to be. This is the human destiny, with its own truth, its own way and its own portion to bear and its own destiny to be light and love to the greater whole.

You are ascending and this includes a shift in self love and proper self care.

Even your stories and memories from the past come loose because of this.

All old structures are being transformed: emotional, physical, selfish and spiritual.

Focus on the crystalline senses you are developing of love and light and support your sensitivity through: emotional clearing, creative expression, rest, meditation, easy movement, sunlight, supportive foods and pure water.

So that your heart as a portal can share and multiply the light and love. And your entire DNA can give the impact of your soul through the unique frequency that you are and come to be by illuminating heaven on earth through you.

For this is Ascension: Ascension

And so it is

I send you love



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