It’s time to go up.

It’s time to go up.

Time for ascension.


Ascension is a word translated in some languages ​​as: elevator, rising, take off or climbing.

Rise to an ever greater view, to a higher point, a higher consciousness, with a deeper level of insight into the existence of this world.


The contrast of ascending, the opposite, is descending; to descend into lower realms.

As a mountaineer, you have both options on the path in life.


Your birth is the start of your big climb.

The moment when you, as a soul, descended into your body, into this life, into this family.

There you start on the way up.

Navigating your way up, through lessons in love and fear. Through relationships with the people around you, through all kinds of situations and especially through all different energies of emotions.

Up along the path of your life, up on the mountain of this planet.


Ascension is an individual, but also a collective process, at the level of humanity and at the level of this planet Earth.

In evolution nothing stands still and everything always changes.


The 3D dimension of life is a consciousness, a view, at the bottom of the mountain.

In the valley.

An conciousness that emanates from the illusion that safety of life can be forced and controlled, if you meet the expectations of the system around you.

As a child you learn to adapt to the rules through the education of your parents, the rules of school and to the rules of society, lived by the government in your country.

If you stick to that well behaviour, if you adapt, you will be fine, they say.


Behind that 3D conciousness we aim and hope to protect ourselves from the conviction that there is otherwise a shortage and that we will not survive alone.

We adapt ourselves out of fear of loneliness and uncertainty. Afraid there is not enough.

We accept that hapiness is unfairly distributed in a dense world.

That there is rich and poor.

That sometimes the sun breaks through, but that clouds can also hang over your head.

But if you that if you, work hard and follow the rules you will stay dry … maybe.

A semi ok excistence.


A little higher up the path along the mountain, we all face another dimension of consciousness, 4D.

If the security you thought you could control turns out to be an illusion.

When safety is lost in your life.

When your trust is damaged in people, situations and agencies.

When life threatens you and insecurity and fear overtake you.

Due to illness, dismissal, divorce, etc.

The great life events that make you long for what was, back then when you didn’t know what you know, see and feel now.

Dispair and darkness.

You are in the middle of the clouds that hang halfway up the mountain.

Right in the storm. Without a view in the fog.

Where we are now.


The way back seems the fastest and safest option. Back to a semi ok, well-organized but very controlled and hectic existence.

Or do you, do we continue up?

It could be different.

This is the mountaineer’s free will.


Walking through the storm and the dark clouds brings every person into a higher consciousness.

The moment you have nothing to lose, when the way back is not an option, the only thing left is to let go of the semblance of control in life and surrender to higher forces.

Through hard times, heavy emotions and a feeling of despair and loneliness.


Only then will you learn about real life as a person.

Then you experience that the gravity of the earth carries you.

That you don’t fall.

That the ground does not drop below you.

That you don’t perish.

That if you let go and ask aloud: What now? What should I do now?

That there will be answers. That there is guidance up the mountain.

That you get direction. That you are connected to higher, not visible, but tangible forms of life intelligence.

That the Universe sends you what it takes.

If you dare to let go and only dare to be in the middle of the storm.


That moment teaches you confidence.

That there is no control possible.

That there are no rules, no system that can control life. That nobody outside of you has power.

That moment takes you from a lower consciousness, through the dark, to the possibility of a higher consciousness of light, love and freedom.


Then you realize that all the strength, light, nourishment, inspiration for creation in your life, all the answers lie within you.

If you connect and trust yourself, your intuition.

And especially trust the Universal law and life force that is connected to everything and everyone, through the energy that flows through you.


Because further up along the mountain, you rise above the clouds. There, the air becomes thinner and lighter, the view extends far around you and you feel peace and victory.

When you look back towards the valley. You understand, now that you look back, where you were and what your view made you believe was real. When you could not yet know, that it would be so beautiful and nice above the datk 4D clouds.


That you can feel so connected and one, while standing alone on that mountain top.

When you thought there was no way up the path and you couldn’t possibly do it alone.

You now realize that storm was necessary to learn to trust yourself and the divine nature of Life.


In a 5D dimension consciousness you reach the top of the mountain.

You can recognize these light high vibe energies in the translation of a different desire for your way of life.

Very different from the 3D dense fearbased energies down in the valley.


5D living here and now means:


  • Confidence that everything is as it should be always.
  • Knowing that everything has a higher purpose.
  • See that the Universe gives you direction and guidance if you pay attention to it.
  • Trusting that everything comes to the Light.
  • No longer feeling fear, guilt or shame towards yourself or others.
  • Knowing that everyone is growing and walking at their own pace on their own path.
  • Detachment of material and the need for consumption (eating, buying, etc.)
  • Deep sense of intuition driven heart centre instead of mind and ego drive that is afraid of shortage.
  • Recognize yourself in everything and everyone.
  • Desire for silence instead of need of distraction such as TV, radio etc.
  • To see disease in a wider context.
  • Search for life purpose to contribute to a world in which everyone is free.
  • Be grateful and careful with the earth and all of its inhabitants.
  • Do no longer need or take more than you really need.
  • Peace with everything and everyone.


It’s beautiful up here.


It’s time to move up.

It is time for ascension.



Sending love into the world ???

Danïelle Stotijn