Trust means having patience

The God Force has its own schedule!
We can either acknowledge this intrinsic reality of manifestation and choose to work co-creatively with the God-spirit within, trusting that together you and the universe will create the perfect “Divine Right Timing” (and if that isn’t “Right NOW”, there IS a very good reason for this), or you can let the ego self try to force its will upon time.
If Time does not cooperate with your expectations, you can “let that be OK, and trust in Divine Right Timing” or you can progressively frustrate yourself with attachment to the artificial time of clocks, and choose to believe that you cannot have what you desire just because it does not appear when you demand.
If we learn to relax, and realize that most things we desire we can indeed achieve in Divine Right Time and Order, we can learn to work co-creatively with the consciousness of time, and find that it will progressively better conform to our wishes when we ASK nicely, rather than DEMAND, and when we trust the universal God spirit to do its part in our co-creation. Patience is a virtue that reflects our comprehension of the nature of Universal Order.
In my own experience I had to learn that what I feel is real, what is asked and can be reality for me, will not manifest instantly.
Ideas and inspiration that unfold you path, your destination may be real in your dream time but require the work of vibrational alignment first.
That means the structure of your field and other is not clear yet.
Keep moving energy
Keep clearing and alchemising your self.
Do the inner work.
Open your heart in Love and Light to others.
And trust.
There will be more Light.
And so it is.
Sending Love