Advent: Learning how to trust ascension

Advent day 7 Trust & Ascension


As we are shifting out energy day by day towards the intention of Christmas. We make use of the cycle this full moon assists us in to enter.

To release density and accept the force of the winter that slows us down to rest and reflect.

Ask yourself these questions as you prepare for tomorrow nights meditation

– what is my body telling me to let go of

– where do I feel density being pushed out by the body.

Density is consistently transmuted into higher Light, or destroyed during the shift we choose.


With every thought, feeling or action we choose Self Love over Ego judgement we transmute density in out being. The body receives the message from the heart or from the mind. To either release and expand or to hold and surpress.

Decompressing is the act of Ascension.

To climb on the ladder of the evolution of the Soul in the Light of Spirit. In other words if you have learned another lesson and passed the test by being in Self Love with the omnipresent divine. You lift up the stairs of frequencies and become more light.

Bodies that have cells that can receive, integrate and carry more light shift in their biology to altered processing of Photosynthesis is a process used by all organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy that, through cellular respiration, can later be released to fuel the organism’s activities.

In other words you proces more of the divine through you into energy and compassionate action.


Now the earth is also changing it,s frequency on the ladder of Evolution as all life is.
So to remaining in alignment and harmony with all life we are being pushed to shift as well. Slowly the body is adapting from carbon to crystalline light frequencies that are now being measured but not completely understood by sience. As with the full understanding of the DNA if you take out the spirtual aspect and the God force of creation you end up with not even half of the story; ascension is the evolution of all life force returning back to the omnipesent life force of love to create heaven here on earth.

By learning and releasing density we clear alchemise and transmute into higher beings of light; like Jesus has taught and shown us how to master ourselves.


While there is no judgment on whether a body can or cannot transform as the light levels rise, the effect can often be felt as heaviness.
Physical density may be the most palpable as crystalline structures and cosmic rays command the body to change.

When you release density of thoughts, believes, memories, pain, suffering the body will shift into higher being by shaking of old structures. You feel it in your body that changes. Think of high blood pressure, tinitus, sweating, shivering, muscle joint pain, head ache, heart palpitations, dizziness and sickness.

Think of these human cleaning programs the next time you are ill. The body has started a healing and ascension program. We have just lost understanding of it.
Carbon is capable of supporting density; that’s why it is used in these realms to create an experience in dense form.

We become more sensitive to the weight of the old structures as our consciousness expands. We support less of the dense words, actions, foods and drinks as the body starts to reject this to spritually clear and clean you. This also goes for people, places, hobbies and work.
You are ascending.
Even your past stories and memories come because of this to be released.

All old structures are transformed: emotional, physical, egoic, and spiritual.


Focus on the crystalline senses you are developing of love and light and support your sensitivity accordingly: emotional clearing practices, creative expression, meditation, easy movement, SUNlight, supportive food, and pure water so the Heart stargate and DNA may lighten the experience.

Because #Ascension

And so it is

Sending Love


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