Mastery of Mind is the art of directing your thoughts and beliefs with intention of manifestation.

In the process of transformation, Mastery of Mind is the art of knowing the old program, rewriting it, transmuting emotions that are stagnant and integrating those parts of yourself that you need to be yourSelf, whole, autonomous, authentic, happy and healthy.

The Mind in your system is made up of all the thoughts and (beliefs) that you have accumulated in this life. And a belief is nothing more than a thought that you keep thinking, which then eventually becomes a belief. The stronger the thought pattern, the stronger the belief about yourself, the world and the people around you. If this is a positive belief it contributes to the positive frequency of your overall system. But if this is a negative belief it contributes to the low frequency in your system. Your thoughts influence your feelings and emotion and then influence your behavior and physicality.

In order to understand your Mind and what it keeps telling you, you must first understand the program that the Mind has built throughout your life to ensure your “safety.

This program is the identity, the ego that we adopted in our early childhood and that we have shaped into our personality over the years. Through trial and error, you find out, how life works around you. When I do this, I get this. When I say this, I get this.
We all do this to adapt to and meet the expectations of our family and the outside world.

“Tension is who you think you should be….
Relaxation is who you are…”

– Chinese proverb –

We leave parts of ourselves in the shadows of our subconscious.

The illusion of the Mind makes us believe, that if we compare (identify) ourselves with the outside and mold ourselves in that image, we will get what we need and feel connected. But connection with others does not happen by comparing ourselves to others outside of us. And the concept we call “Self” is nothing but the personality, the so-called ego, which we hope will be loved and accepted and will win the approval of others. Then we become separated from our Self. And even further removed and cut off from our emotions and needs. So far sometimes … that we have no idea how to ever get there. Have no idea how to feel who we are and what we need. What we really want. Because we have learned to focus on the external world, not on the internal world, on who we are. We have not learned to listen to the language of our emotions, to the language of our intuition, of our soul.

Mastery offers you programs and tools to break out of the limiting matrix of your Mind.

Step by step.

Layer by layer.

A whole lifetime.

That is the path of awakening; awareness in autonomy, health and light.

Reset – Reconnecting – Re-identifying yourself



  1. Workshop “Awakening from the Matrix” (Online)
  2. Awakening from the Matrix – 5 week program (Online) (soon)
  3. Mastery of the Self (Mind – Body – Spirit online coaching program) (coming soon)
  4. 1 on 1 Transformation Coaching for individuals
  5. 1 on 1 Personal Coaching for Professionals


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