Mastery of the Mind // Return to Self Love

Dismantling a lifelong deeply negative mental program


A mental program is made up of words, all of which have different frequencies and cause all sorts of vibrations. Words you tell yourself in your mind. Thoughts that you keep thinking that turn into decisions, assumptions and beliefs. Words that affect the energy that flows through you with a vibration.

These vibrations form a field of resonance or dissonance around you. This field changes or raises you, your being, your body to health, empowerment and creation.

Or down into stress, desperation and survival.

Words are important.

Words are deliberately chosen to create fields. When we begin to master the language of words and vibrations that we choose to think and feel, we get into the field where we want to be. We begin to rise and grow in power and strength. That is consciousness.

Hope is in every moment they say. But it still carries with it the vibration of uncertainty. Can you feel that?

Say this out loud:

– I hope that someday I will be okay.

– I know I will be fine.

– I am fine.

– Everything always works out for me.

Feel the difference? The more powerful the words, the more you will resonate inwardly, mentally, emotionally and physically with what you already know deep down. Your Spirit knows and that’s why the last sentence feels so much better because it aligns with who you really are and what potential of Light and Love and Creation you carry with you. How you are taken care of, because you are not alone.

The core of an old program, with an old negative deep belief about yourself, can be completely cleared away in a transformation process.

The core of the problem of ‘Disloving the Self’ and being drawn into the illusion of the ego to fill that gap by pleasing, manipulating, controlling, impressing others can be fully clarified and reversed into a positive program.

Change the inner language and you change the outcome.

But watch out:

For that it is necessary to become fully aware of the exact words of that program, which are automatically executed from the ego for self-protection.

Only then does it become clear which layers of emotional pain from the distant past are hidden in the basement.

Only then does it become clear which behaviors are used repeatedly, causing the same effects over and over again, in situations and relationships in your life.

Only then can the cleanup begin. Emotionally and energetically.

In a combination of steps, where you gain cognitive insight into your mental ego structures and their origins and emotionally clear yourself of low frequencies. To drain the old pain and all the emotions that are solidified and buried in your subconscious, so that this load no longer moves and triggers in the here and now.

Then there is room for Self love and the integration of the light, of your soul and your higher Self.

For relaxation, for well-being, for who you really are.

If someone is not yet completely “clean” and “aware” enough to be able to vibrate at that high frequency, to live in the “Here and Now”. But still 70%, or more, operates in the ego’s automated defense response, the tendency and automatism to think and respond from old beliefs remains.

They are ingrained, because you have used these words and thoughts all your life and they helped you so much when you were little.

Proving yourself, justifying, adjusting, belittling, defending, blaming, etc. is what you will do again the moment you encounter a trigger or resistance in your life.

Once you see what you’ve been saying to yourself all your life and what the effect is, you can let go of what you’re blocking and repeating.

Then the cleanup can begin.

It is important to learn to change your energy and the focus of your life to the positive.

You create yourSELF by:

  • Keeping your energy clean and keeping the frequency high from Self-love and Self-confidence.
  • Choose words that free yourSelf.
  • Be watchful of the words: not, maybe, never, some, none. They store your energy.

Complete this sentence and choose to practice it every day. Repeat 10 teeth out loud every morning.

  • I can do what I like
  • I am a beautiful kind human soul
  • I choose what is best for me
  • I create my own life
  • I am safe and able to exist
  • I am love, sending love and receiving love
  • I’m here to live and shine
  • Or create one for yourself…….


Focus your energy on your intent and claim the energy around it. If something interferes with this frequency, stop it. Protect yourself claim your field, your strength and your love.

Say no. Cut connections that are not good for you. And follow your own path and your own unique destination and that which makes you happy.

If you are triggered in Self-doubt; take it home and turn the doubt words into powerful words. Your Mind will catch up with you. Pretend until you feel it. Say and program the words into your entire being. Let your heart lead the way.

You have not come here to doubt or to defend yourself.

You did not come here to hide your true self on the basis of old thought programs, which are not yours but are probably adopted from others and are ultimately not true.

Free yourself

Shine your light

I send you love