Telephone intake conversation

Tailor-made route

Coaching sessions based on your own questions


Transformation coaching helps you to gain more awareness and insight into yourself and to increase your autonomy and leadership.

For professionals, independently or within an organization


Do you feel it is time for a change and are you looking for the next step to gain more direction and leadership?

Do you experience that you get stuck in communication with others (customers, colleagues, supervisors, etc.) and do you want to learn to act from more authenticity and self-confidence?

Do you want to learn how to lead strategy, conversations, relationships and situations from personal leadership? Or to others in your team or organization?

Do you run into your own limits and do you struggle with the question of others (supervisors, colleagues, customers, etc.) and what people can really expect from you and do you no longer know how to proceed?

Do you want to work on your autonomy to be able to make clear choices as a professional, using ratio and intuition? Do you want to break free from your mechanism that mainly tells you what others want?

Would you like to learn better how to maintain a balance between private life and work in order to be more effective with more energy?

Consciousness gives you a choice to make a transition to another reality. That requires a process of transformation within yourself.


You work in a process on breaking through patterns, learning to understand yourself and others and on using new behavior to experience results for others in yourself, in your work and in your life.

Mastery of the Self is the art of self-actualization, autonomy and authenticity


Learn how to develop, broaden and free yourself from limitation.

Learn how to change the current situation by gaining awareness about yourself and what happens when interacting with others.

Deepen your knowledge about yourself from different mental cognitive and emotional psychological currents that teach you about cause and effect and your circle of influence on yourself and your environment.

Broaden your awareness and ability to fully actualize yourself.


Duration: 1.5 hours per session

Costs: 150 euros per session including study material; communication, leadership