The cognitive dissonance block for truth

The cognitive dissonance block for truth


We are currently navigating a portal of new moon energy in this Covid experience, accelerating change in the next period.


This transition portal will be a giant leap forward for everyone.

The current situation causes an accelerated inner transformation and side effects of blockages and resistance, also known as cognitive dissonance.


Cognitive dissonance is the mental conflict that occurs when core beliefs are contradicted by new information.

The anxiety or tension that this conflict creates is alleviated by one of several defensive maneuvers: you reject, explain, or avoid the new information. You convince yourself that there really is no conflict; reconcile the differences and if that fails you resort to mockery or anger or some other defensive means to keep attitudes about the world and yourself stable.


Our individual and collective human system is used to a certain ‘normal’. A way of understanding and perceiving this life, which we have become familiar with.

We love our comfort zone.

Change causes stress to the human system.

We prefer to stay in the known, even if it is faulty, and we prefer not to take up the challenge of diving into the unknown.

Our human survival mind demands control to regain security in the stress of change.


But like it or not, there is change. We all have to adapt to this new story. And no one will ever have the same perspective again because everything is now changing due to this global virus.


It teaches us, by confronting our own and collective mental conditioning that blocks expansion and change.

It activates every lower aspect in your emotional database with memories of fear, insecurity, lack and loneliness.

In the now, we all face these aspects in our own personal way and relive our own story of fear.

Fear of safety, fear of health, fear of death.


Fear, the lowest dense vibration that causes the human system to switch from creating life to survival.

Anxiety is the most destructive hormonal virus in the human body.


As humans, we have two systems within us that can sit behind the wheel and navigate you through this portal of change:


  1. Mental – your subconscious


With your subconscious you suppress, deny and reject fear and activate the survival behaviors of Fight, Flight, Freeze, Hise and Fawn.


This behavior of the Mind doesn’t really deal with the fear, but finds a way to relate to it. And when fighting and running from it aren’t options, like with this virus and our Lockdown, we turn to Freeze, Hide and Fawn. We adapt and submit to the surrounding perspective to regain the sense of belonging and security.


  1. Emotionally and spiritually – your conscious heart


With your full awareness, you understand the triggers, the emotions you feel, the survival mode based on your story that starts automatically.

You see and observe what happens, but you discern and investigate.

You are able to hold the wheel, reverse, sit back and feel your way through the emotion, quiet your Mind and stay in the now.

When you break through the cognitive dissonance, you release fear and enter your heart space.


There you can feel what your heart and Spirit are telling you. What is right for you at the moment is connected to everyone. What your truth is connected to your path and your values and mission in this Life, connected to all there is.


Your Mind builds a persona/ego in early childhood. This is the means of protection of the human system.

Because as a child you have to be able to adapt to your environment to get what you need; love, attention, basic needs etc. This means denying and suppressing those parts of yourself that see or feel different emotions than what your family or others recognize you in. So your Mind adapted to be able to (over) live in the reality of that time.


It’s too hard for a child to recognize that your parents can’t see you, understand you or give you what you need, so you make it go away with your Mind.

To make this reality acceptable, your younger self built a persona/the ego that found a way to hide your own truth and adapt to the collective narrative and do what you were asked to fit in.

Afraid that you would be left behind, not accepted, ignored, ridiculed, unwanted and unloved.


The Mind develops strategies to prevent this at all times.

These strategies allowed the child to ignore, deny, and suppress these devastating emotions that it was not yet able to deal with, using a mental block of core beliefs to bury these emotions in the subconscious.


These strategies become core beliefs with programs you still live by.


Programs on how to behave, how life works, who to trust, how to feel safe, etc.

programs that tell you a story about normality and safety, installed by your upbringing from your parents, school, culture and the government.


Core beliefs that gave you security by blocking your fears and your own truth. Security that is now gone.


Cognitive dissonance is the extremely uncomfortable feeling that occurs when you are presented with a truth in your reality that actually resonates with that deep sense of fear. The fear that you are not safe, not wanted, that you will be left behind, alone and unable to survive. The deepest human collective fear.

And because your Mind is so eager to protect the programmed core, it will do everything it can to prove, ignore and even deny that what is being presented does not fit your core belief.

Because that gives you security, even if it’s not true.


Your Mind will pull you away from the lower emotions of fear, insecurity, shame, guilt, anger. Your Mind is afraid that you can’t handle the truth. Truth that is now playing in your reality and that scares you.

Truth that makes you want to regain control over life as it was.

Truth that makes you resist life as it is.

Truth that confronts you with discovering that you can no longer rely on what you thought was normal or good for you.

Truth that makes you wonder what to believe.


If we dare to look fear in the eye. Can we recognize and discern truth by dealing with our emotions.

If we break through cognitive dissonance.


There in your subconscious and in our collective subconscious lies the fear lying dormant waiting to be triggered, released and transformed.


This portal of change is your and our opportunity to be freed from the illusion of fear and the control of the Mind.

The Mind that traps us in loops of negative energies.

Exactly what is happening now!


To align with who you really are individually and to align as a collective, take back the wheel from the control of the Mind and let the Heart steer us through the darkness of all our emotions, to take us to the Lead light.

Break through the cognitive dissonance.

Feel further and find the truth.

Trust in surrender.

Tell your Mind that everything is fine.

You did a great job protecting me, I’ll take it from here.

I can deal with the truth in reality.

And trust your higher Self, Spirit, the divine part within you to guide you on your way.

Trust your path.

Trust the plan.

Follow your heart.

Stand in your own truth.


If what is presented to you resonates in your reality, that is your truth.

If it feels right, it’s aligned with who you and who we really are:

Unconditional love







If what is being presented to you doesn’t feel right, dare you ask what this is telling you?

Dare to acknowledge where you may be mistaken or have forgotten your own discernment.

Dare to find and stand in your own truth. What does this situation or negative emotion tell me? What caused it? What triggers it? Is it mine? Do I let it enter my reality? Will it be projected onto me? What feel, see, hear, I know deep down in my heart.


Use your own discernment, your heart, your intuition, in this portal of rapid change.

Your emotions are your indicators of alignment with your truth and who you really are.

Never deny your emotions.

Never deny your own truth.

Let go of fear and anchor in your heart.

Let your heart navigate you now and always.

Be kind to yourself.

You’re doing so well.


Sending Love into the world ❤️ Danielle Stotijn