Mastery of the Body // Stress and Spiritual Enlightment


Stress is the body’s response to a threatening situation and has an age-old function: survival


Our stress response system is naturally present to ensure and continue human evolution. To function well on a daily basis, a certain amount of stress is necessary and even healthy. Stress enables us to perform, overcome challenges and act quickly in emergency situations. In the event of physical or mental challenges, the stress system helps us to be alert, focused, creative and active through the right cocktail of hormones. But even when we sleep we need hormones to keep the hundreds of body processes going, to process impressions of the day in our subconscious and to regain the right balance.

But although we have been part of a so-called “developed” society for centuries, our stress system is increasingly reacting as if we live in the jungle with the same primitive character. The physical response to stress has not changed, but the causes have. And the consequences of stress; burn out, depression and a whole host of chronic conditions and illnesses are common reality. More and more people long for enlightenment.
Modern times are extremely demanding and hectic. We are all busy combining the different roles and tasks. Work, family, obligations, pressure to perform, expectations, stress of choice, continuous stimuli from social media via devices that we seem to have grown into.
In addition, we are increasingly confronted with toxins in our food, water, in the air, clothing, detergents, medicines, vaccinations, cosmetics, cleaning products and with the effects of pesticides, plasticization and the digitization of our world. For example, we have been burdened with toxins in our body for years, which weaken the cells and form a breeding ground for diseases.

Whether it’s a serious accident, money worries, a fight, stress at work, your body takes these kinds of ‘threats’ just as seriously as the situation you would face a hungry tiger. Your body does not know or recognize the difference between stress caused in the Mind by negative interpretations, thoughts or beliefs or stress caused in the body by eating sugar. Your system is ringing alarm bells; the survival mechanisms are activated and stress hormones are produced instantaneously to fight or flee.
Our bodies are not made to be in the highest state of alert all the time. The stress system protects us but can also damage us. If the tension persists and we cannot break through the stress situation, we speak of chronic stress, which causes physical and psychological complaints, illness and failure.
And then we come to the biggest cause of stress;
The lack of real rest without stimuli, for self-reflection, for contemplation in silence and for integration of what we experience and learn in our development as human beings and souls. The lack of connection with your inner self.

Connection with nature.

Connection with Spirit.

And exactly that part, that space for that connection, is essential for balance, development and progress as a human being and soul. Without reflection and silence, we are only thinking and doing. And thus detached from our nature, which needs to live in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons, respecting the universal laws of energy and respecting the connection with the elements of which we are part. By tuning our rhythm and our attention to this connection, peace, unconditional love and harmony are created.

Without this connection, the opposite occurs; division, chaos and more and more stress with even more chance of illness.
Dangerous Stress is therefore prolonged overload without this connection for recovery. The key to stress relief is awareness that can change stress management.

The body’s response to stress is controlled by two systems:
• The central nervous system:
This system is connected to the outside world and is under the influence of our will. With this system you can, for example, control your muscles; move to do something. Or you can focus and think about a particular topic.

• The autonomic nervous system:
Is not under the influence of our will. We can only influence it indirectly. The autonomic nervous system automatically controls almost all unconscious functions and processes in your body, such as your breathing, your heartbeat, your blood pressure, energy production, digestion and metabolism. You don’t have to think about those kinds of functions. The life energy flows through you on the breath of the soul.
And that’s where spirituality comes into play in the story about man and the stress in our current society.


The Central Nervous System is controlled by the will. The Will is the part of man that we call the Mind, the Spirit.
And this Mind, the on-board computer of the human part of you, can be controlled by:- the heart, when there is an awakened consciousness, we speak of the Higher Self or the Holy Spirit.
– or by the ego if there is a sleeping consciousness; the Lower Self or the Dark Mind.
An awakened consciousness is aware of the Self and the ego, is master of the ego and thus directs the ego and the Mind from the heart, the soul.

For the experience of Stress or Relief is determined by your control of the Self; who is behind the wheel of your consciousness your lower self (ego in connection with the dark) or your higher self (heart in connection with the soul and the light)?
Whoever is free of his ego possesses the control of the 4 will powers that are necessary on the spiritual path to enlightenment.
“His will be done” the ego or heart rules. The Will Powers of Mind are the 4 essential quests to master in life from Ego to Spirit: Dark, Desire, Ignorance and Death. The forces mentioned in the New Testament book of Revelation.
These will powers can be overcome from a sense of Justice and are magnified in the powers: light, contentment, knowledge and life. Light is the power of understanding between good and evil. And this power can only be obtained through curiosity, contemplation and consideration.

If this does not happen, then the light remains hidden by the dark and the truth about enlightenment remains a mystery.

For the ego serves its own interest. And his attention is guided in the dark, sleeping by Desire, Ignorance and fear of Death (the physical death and the death of the ego).
Those who are led by the ego are not masters of themselves.
But slave to the outside world who plays his Mind.
Caught in the never-ending vicious circle of desire.

For only without the eternal temptation of desire is there no peace and no enlightenment, without truth there is no understanding of right and wrong and without fear of death and loss there is no faith in the soul’s eternity, the universe and time ever returns in the next life.

In short, there is no stress.

To be enlightened is to give the steering wheel of the board computer to the heart instead of the ego, by overpowering the will from dark to light.
Easier said than done. Following the right path is the challenge of life in order to reach enlightenment in love. The heart serves the common interest of man, nature and the harmony in and between them. The heart always seeks balance, connection, peace; that is love.
For the heart is connected to the soul and is focused on developing and evolving the higher Self by receiving the life energy and multiplying this life force into even more unconditional love, peace and harmony from the unique blueprint of the soul.
From justice.

From the Light.

When the wheel of consciousness is in the hands of the ego and we have become callous, asleep and blind in the dark to the splendor of our inner light. And the alarm signals about the unhealthy truth we are in are denied, trivialized and suppressed, then the body remains unbalanced exposed to stress and you continue to live in survival; with the risk of disease.
Spiritual Enlightenment is the medicine.

Enlightenment is living in a state of balance and peace; that which we call spiritual. This is who you are; peaceful, loving, grateful in well-being.

Everything else is a state of the ego that lives on fear, lack, and constant wanting and needing, resulting in stress.
The cause of an imbalance should always be viewed holistically, not only within the physical body, but also with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in consideration when looking at cause and effect.

Today’s society teaches and only offers you the opportunity to solve the effects of stress and therefore disease. What we now know is that the absence of well-being is the absence of connection to the heart, soul and Spirit.
On a spiritual path of Awakening, you learn to balance by developing awareness and skills to overcome the 4 forces in stressful situations and to navigate from the heart to return to a state of peace and harmony and to be here as much as possible. and stay as long as possible. You learn to be who you are.

The balance in being enlightened or happy is achieved by mastering Mind & Body, through the connection with the higher Self and Sprit. This determines the level of your health, your energy and your well-being.
That is The Way of Awakening.

The spiritual path will bring man back on the path to the Light to the rhythm of the seasons in harmony.

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Sending Love