The Path to Awakening, 5 wk online program

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15 november 2022

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At home with Zoom

Start 5 wk program 15 November 2022



The Path to Awakening


This program offers you guidance in awakening your conciousness to your truth and to open the transformation process, on the path to higher dimensions of freedom, light and healing.

This program is for beginners, old souls and light workers. No matter what your progress is on this journey. Learning never ends and the path never stops. We just rise.

The awakening process is a spiritual, psychological, emotional and physiological on going process that is different for everyone but which connects us in our human development and evolution. A holistic process that increases your awareness of your inner and outer world and life.

Join me on this program and let me take you under my wings for 5 weeks on this awakening program that I have designed over years of practice as a coach, teacher, healer, alchemist and most of all as a old soul in this human life time.

Let me share my experience with you.


A program that gives you insight and tools in the development of your own autonomy, health and light.

A process that can be challenging, lonely and difficult.

A journey that turns your inner and outer world upside down.


In a 5-week program, Daniëlle takes you along your present, past, future, teaches theory and connects your daily reality, after which she puts you back down with a greater awareness of who you are and the world around you.Spirituality with both feet on the ground.
A program that opens your eyes and ears to see and hear more deeply and lovingly heals and opens your heart.


In the follow up programs I can continue to assist you on the rest of your journey if you wish:

  • 10 wk program The Path of Truth – Healing and Rebuilding your house
  • 10 wkn program The Path of Evolution – Closing the Gap with your Purpose


Program content:


  • Access to a closed group in my online University; House of Evolution where you have lifetime access to all material.
  • 2 x a week recorded zoom teaching with Daniëlle
  • 1x a week a Live Q&A online Zoom Thursday 20.00 CET
  • 3 recorded guided meditation with Daniëlle
  • Mastery of the Mind Body & Spirit study material referred to in the teachings available in the online university at all time.
  • Voluntary assignments to support your process (reading, writing, video recording, creative forms).
  • Chatforum to connect with other participants and ask questions and interact with Daniëlle about your process.
  • All training sessions and meditations are recorded and can be viewed unlimitedly for a lifetime.
  • Program costs for 5 weeks incl. all material and life time acces to House of Evolution:
    Costs 185 Euro,s (you pay in euros on this site) =
    185.98 US Dollars
    160.79 British Pounds


Program schedule:


  • Week 1 Introduction Live Zoom 15 th November 19.00 CET (or watch recording)
  • Q&A each Thursday starting 17 th November 19.00 CET (or watch recording)
  • Week 2, 3, 4 integrate guided meditation and assignment
  • Week 5 Revenue Integration / last 22nd December 16.00 CET (or watch recording)


Results of this program:


  • Context about what is going on in and around you in your life.
  • You learn to recognize the common thread in your life story and that of your parents and ancestors.
  • You will be introduced to concepts such as consciousness, script, autonomy, soul, ego, timelines, dimensions, awakening, energy, healing and systemic learning to see and know from the triangle Mind, Body Spirit.
  • You gain insight into the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages that hold people in stress, unhealthy patterns, dependence and unconscious living on the automatic pilot of the ego, the personality.
  • Tools how you can start hacking the Mind-Body program and heal in the connection with your soul, Spirit, God.
  • You will be challenged in your visibility, creativity and expression so that your energy and light will flow again.
  • You strengthen the connection with your intuitive higher self and learn through the meditation challenge and through the stories of others in the group, to grow in this awareness of self-wisdom and self-confidence.
  • Beginning or continuation of the transformation from ego to Spirit by opening your eyes and ears on the path of your awakening towards your truth and destiny in this lifetime.


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  • At home with Zoom
  • Rotterdam
  • Nederland

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  • 15 november 2022 19:00   -   22 december 2022 19:00
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