Making the Bitter Sweet


I have written a lot about Self Love and how it was lost on me for so very long.

Being a sensitive soul with a gift of empathy is hard to come to understand in a world were separation and defense have caused humans to harden.

This gift appeared to be a curse rather than a blessing for so long in my life.

I know many of you have the same challenge, as to remain balanced under the weight of this collective consciousness.

It can weigh very heavy on your shoulders metaphorically speaking and can overwhelm your heart and nervous system very litterarly.

What others seem to be able to process or handle can seem impossible for those with sensitive souls and deeper understanding consciousness.


I know for myself that I had to find ways to deal with the overwhelm to able to keep up with the demands of life others seemed to be able to keep up with.

To remain sweet and peacefull in the Love that and Light that is me, instead of becoming bitter and defensive in the absence of it.

It took me years to understand that this was what has caused me to completely shut down and abandon my own nature and true Spirit.

I started to believe the lies in my Mind that most humans believe to be true:

  • Those things would never get better
  • That nobody was to be trusted and people are out to hurt you
  • That you have to fight in life
  • That nobody understands and therefor validates me
  • That there was nothing special about me
  • That I have to make it on my own


I found out that is was the lies I started believing that caused the absence of Love to grow.

And the more I feared the absence the more examples I saw around me of the lack of Love in the world.

I believe we should all learn more about the subject of Self Love and Peace at school.

It would have helped me as a child to understand how to deal with lack and Love.

With the bitter and the sweet.

I believe we all come down here to learn about this spectrum of Love and that there is so much to taste in life.

I know now things do get better and that the suffering I feel is in fact the suffering of many.

Therefor we are all validated and special and part of this beautifull collective human race and never alone or separated.

That deep in our core essence, we live as one awareness and experience the same.

So in the end; in fact all of us are special and none of us are special at the same time.

This is what the ego will fight against and seduce you with.

Overcoming your ego is to surrender to your own insignificance and accepting your only purpose as to become pure of the lies and darkness of the ego, to become Sweet.

Because it is the sweet glucose that binds us in the connections of Love.

Love is the vibration of harmony when living beings syncronize their heartbeats, cycles and processes to live as One.

This Love is then felt and translated together with Light in your cells, into the glucose in your blood that stores more life force energy for you to create more Love with.

This cycle of evolution pays forward what we process, making the bitter sweet.

You see heaven is not a place we go to, a state of sweetness we choose to become when we carry more Light and when we create more Love.


We all get a set of challenges, set backs and lessons to upgrade our souls light with in this lifetime.

The harder the path, the more beautiful and strong the light will shine in the dark.

This has helped me with understanding mine.

It is our free will that gives us the choice to become bitter or sweet.

This does not make your challenge easier but it does give you a choice.

Each day.

With each day we face more of these challenges and choices.

We all get to feel, think, say and do this thing called life through the bodies and emotions we process.

This is what connects and equalizes us all as One.

One human race, with one challenge.

No matter were you are born, what color your skin is, what believes you might have taken on or what opinions you might feel righteous to judge with.

In the end, your lesson will be to overcome all of these facts and states.

All of them.

And to return to the sweetness of the peace that is called Oneness.

That is were you come from and where you will return to and expand from again.

In between birth and death you have a temporary body and a life given to you to learn about Love.

To release your self from the suffering of believing the lies that humans tell themselves and others causing more pain.

To find your way back to the sweetness of peace in your heart.


So when you endure suffering, dissapointment, unkindness, pain or grief from the people around you remeber this:

  • They don’t know any better yet
  • You have a choice
  • You can either let this bring you down is bitterness
  • Or you can let this motivate you to become even more sweet

The world needs more sweetness. And no artificial sweetners can replace the gift of Love from the heart.

Because it is the glucose that binds us in the beautiful connections we make.
When your path is challenging and full of humans who have forgotten about Love and about their destination to become Sweet?
Your soul was given the challenge to shine more bright and to help your corner of the world to process the emotional bitterness

, that generations before you have been stuck in.

You came here to turn the tides from bitter to sweet.

Embrace your sensitivity and your gifts with more Love then ever before.

You came here to show the path in the return to Love.

Many got lost.

Many have forgotten.

But more of us sensitive old souls are here now to stop adapting to the bitterness and the impossible.
To lead the way that will cause old systems that fail to fall.

And to slowly pivot human awareness in finding healthy, wholesome and peacefull ways of living together.

Leaving behind the suffering, the hardship, the survival and the bitterness of society today.

To create and become sweetness and One.


Choose to start making a small difference in the suffering of others this week in the days before Christmas.

– Bake a cake for someone who needs a reminder of sweetness around you.

– Make a hand made cards for someone who needs it.

– Give away instead of selling clothes, furniture, books or whatever it is you can.

Wrap up these gifts and hand them out.

Do whatever you can to give and to pay forward the Light that you have practiced in the sweetness of your connection.

Feel the grace, the joy and sweetness of Love in the Oneness you have just created.

This is heaven on earth

I will be making boxes of heart shaped Christmas cookies for some older people here in my street and a friend who is suffering depression.

I will be baking a cake for a lady at work, who,s son was attacked by police because of his skin colour.

I will send a box of my books to a shop owner in need to sell or hand out as a gift.

It is a very therapeutic thing to bake and to craft the box, wrap it up and then to give it away with a smile.

Try it….

The energies of Christmas are inviting you.

You came here to make the bitter Sweet.

You have a gift to give.


And so it is

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