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Inner Circle

Welcome to my the community Inner Circle.

This circle is a private group that connects you, me and all who choose to become a member.

The Inner Circle is:

  • A place of high vibration only
  • A private and initimate space to enjoy and expand your conciousness
  • A place to feed and nourish your self with all Mind Body & Spirit related creations (weekly Awakening to Mastery podcast, 2 weekly Inner Circle Webinar with updates, Q&A and meditation (live & recorded)
  • A place to read, write, watch, listen, feel, enjoy and expand (daily inspiration)
  • A place were you are also invited to share your posts, replies and questions in all safety and privacy of this group
  • A place where you get served unconditional and uncensored high vibrational truths that will elevate your mind, feed your senses and release your Spirit
  • There are no algo ritmes, there is no censorship, there is nothing but pure vibration of sharing and uplifting as my intent, protection and guidance is set around this group

If you wish to carry on receiving my work and you are looking for a safe online community to connect, to learn, to be inspired, uplifted and guided on your path.

Look no further;

I welcome you to my Inner Circle


There are two membership options available for now:

1 month Advent Inner Circle membership in December: Daily inspiration advent posts as a gift to yourself or your loved one for Xmas.

1 year Inner Circle membership: Join and receive Advent & 1 whole year acces.

My vision for the Inner Circle

In the dark I want to be the light

In the fear, the hope

I want to make you feel that there is warmth

Be a safe place with light and love for you

A place where you can open up

A place where you can speak your truth and tell your story

A place where you are heard

A place where you can process

Where you can relax for a while

Where you become whole again

A place where you can find peace in the chaos

A place where you can be yourself and where you are not judged

Come to me

Here is the light that I pass on to you and you to them

Connect and become the Light


The light always wins

I will personally share my writting, posts and host various shapes and formes of content, filled with holisic, spiritual, psychological, historical, educational, well being truths to uplift, guide and inspire you.

Please connect to my circle and feel welcome and inspired to als share your journey with the personal profile you have in this circle.

You can read, share and be part of Zoom calls were I talk, teach and meditate with you as we ride the waves of energy on the path of Life together. I will share all of my creations with you in here; Awakening Podcasts, Mastery videos, my personal Vlog, my teachings, my writtings.

All of it.

Looking forward to carry on my journey with you in here. See you inside.

Calling all angels over the whole wide world

Sending Love

Daniëlle Stotijn