How to make what is bitter sweet

I have written a lot about Self Love and how it has been lost to me for so long.

Being a sensitive soul with empathetic gifts is difficult and often overwhelming in a world where division and self-defense have hardened people.

This gift seemed more like a curse than a blessing for so long in my life.
I know many of you have the same challenge of staying balanced under the weight of this collective divided and hardened consciousness.

It can figuratively weigh heavily on your shoulders and literally overload your heart and nervous system.

What others seem to be able to process or handle may seem impossible to those of a sensitive soul and a deeper consciousness.

I know for myself that I had to find ways to cope with the overwhelm and to be able to meet life’s demands that others seemed easy to meet.
To remain confident and self-assured in the Light that I am, instead of becoming insecure, bitter and defensive in its absence.

It took me years to understand that this was why I completely shut myself off and left my own nature and true Spirit.

I started believing the lies of my ego Mind, which most people think are true:

That it would never get better…

That no one can be trusted and that people are out to hurt you…..

That you have to fight in life…..

That no one understands and no one sees your value…….

That there was nothing special about me….

That I have to do it myself…..


I found out that it was these lies that I started to believe that actually caused the absence of love to grow.

And the more I feared its absence, the more examples I saw around me of the lack of Love in the world.

I think we all need to learn more about the subject of self love and peace in school.

It would have helped me as a child to understand how to deal with loss and love.

With the bitter and the sweet.

I believe we all come here on earth to learn about this whole spectrum of love and there is so much to taste in life.

I now know that things do get better and that the suffering I feel is in fact the suffering of many.

From all of us.

That is precisely why we are all so worthy and special and we are part of this wonderful collective human race and we are never alone or separate.

That we live deep in our core as one consciousness and experience the same.

So in the end; are we all special and at the same time no one is special because we are equal.

This is what the ego will fight against and tempt you with; to be better, stronger, sweeter, nicer or more beautiful for fear that you are not enough.

Overcoming your ego is surrendering to your own nothingness on the one hand and the only purpose you have here on the other; to clear the lies of the ego, to become Sweet.

Because it is the sweet glucose that connects us in the Heart’s connection of Love.

Love is the vibration of harmony when living beings synchronize their heartbeats, cycles and processes to live as One. In respect and from equality.

This Love is then felt and translated with the Light in your cells, into the glucose in your blood that stores vital energy for you to create even more Love with.

This cycle of evolution prepays what we process, making it bitter sweet.

For Heaven is not a place we go to, but a state of sweetness we choose to become when we can carry more Light by clearing the lies together.

When together we create more Love in the sweetness that we really are.

And we all get a series of challenges, setbacks and lessons to increase our soul light in sweetness in this life.

The harder the path, the more beautiful and stronger your light will shine in the dark.

This helped me understand mine.

It is your free will that gives you the choice to become bitter or sweet.

This doesn’t make your challenge any easier, I know. But it does give you a choice.

Every day.

Because every day we face more of these challenges and choices.

We can all feel, think, say and do what is called life, with the body as our vehicle and our heart as the processor and translator of emotions.

This is what connects us all as One and makes us equal.

One human race, with one challenge.

It doesn’t matter where you were born, what color your skin is, what beliefs you have adopted or what opinions you may feel justified in judging.

Ultimately, your lesson will be to overcome all these things.


And to return to the sweetness of peace called Unity.

That is where you come from and where you return to and from where you expand again.

Between birth and death you have been given a temporary body and a life to learn about Love.

To free yourself from suffering from the lies people tell themselves and others that cause more and more pain.

To find your way back to the sweetness of peace in your heart.

So when you endure suffering, disappointment, unkindness, pain or sorrow from those around you, remember this:

  • They don’t know any better yet
  • You have a choice
  • You can let this bring you down in bitterness
  • Or you can let this motivate you to become even nicer

The world needs more sweetness. And no artificial sweeteners can replace the fulfillment and nourishment of Love from the heart.

Because it’s the glucose that binds us in the beautiful bonds we make together.
When your way in this life is challenging and full of people who have forgotten Love and their destiny to become Sweet?
Then your soul was challenged to shine even brighter and to help your corner of the world process the emotional bitterness that generations before you were trapped in.

You came here to turn the tide from bitter to sweet.

Embrace your sensitivity and your gifts with more love than ever before.

You came here to create the way in the return to love.

Many got lost.

Many have forgotten.

But more of us sensitive souls are here now to stop adjusting to the bitterness and hardening.

To slowly turn human consciousness towards the light and find healthy, equal and peaceful ways of living together.

As we leave behind the suffering, struggle and bitterness of today’s society.

To become sweet and One.

Choose to make a small difference in the suffering of others this week in the days leading up to Christmas.

– Bake a cake for someone who needs a reminder of sweetness around you.

– Make a handmade card for someone in need.

– Give away instead of selling clothes, furniture, books or whatever.

Wrap these presents and hand them out.

Do what you can to pass on the Light you have.

Feel the joy and sweetness of Love in the Oneness you have just created yourself.

This is heaven on earth.

I’m going to make Christmas boxes of heart-shaped Christmas cookies for some elderly people here on my street and a friend who suffers from depression.

I’m going to bake a cake for a colleague at work whose son was attacked by the police instead of being protected because of his skin color.

I send a box of my books to a store owner who needs it to sell or give out as gifts.

I find it very therapeutic to bake and craft, wrap gifts and then give them away with a smile.

Try it……

The energy of Christmas invites you.

You came here to make the bitter Sweet.

You have a gift to give.

And so it is

I send love into the world


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I send love into the world