You are your own healer!

You are your own healer!

Energy & DNA management

If the energy can flow freely through your system, you will see, feel and notice it.

The flow of energy resembles strings of Christmas lights that come together in your body and flow through and around you in your energy field.

To promote the flow of energy we can do two things:


  1. Ensure the highest possible quality of supply of life energy through: nutrition, sunlight, breathing and grounding.

⚜️ Eat high quality living food, go outside into nature and ground yourself by working on the connection with yourself.

  1. Ensure optimal flow in your system by removing blockages on your 4 bodies:


Mental: negative thoughts, beliefs, thinking patterns about yourself and the world around you (who and how you should be, how it should be, what you can do, what you are not allowed to do, etc.) ⚜️ Break through negative thinking patterns and work on integrating of new thoughts through intentions and affirmations. I am Light. I am Love. ❤️


Emotionally: by repressing negative emotions about yourself and the world around you (instead of feeling and transmuting) you block your emotional body. This emotional body is the connection to your intuition. You block the navigation of your entire system that tells you what is and isn’t good for you.

⚜️ Learn the language of your emotions. Collect positive emotions by identifying what makes you grateful, happy and happy. Acknowledge, feel and transmute negative emotions. Clear out old emotions and keep yourself clean. ?


Physical: insufficiently knowing and nurturing your own rest, exercise, nutrition and relationship needs (how you fulfill all your needs and respect your limits).

⚜️ Let the energy flow through active movement, walking, yoga or sports. Get plenty of rest. Immerse yourself in the right nutrition for your body. Make choices in who and what you take in. You are what you eat, watch, read, do and with whom. Listen to your body! And actively and lovingly direct your body. You are the conductor of all cells!

The causes on the above bodies result in a blockage on a spiritual level.


Spiritual; not being able to find your own way and experiencing a lack of meaning.

⚜️ When you remove the causes of noise, negativity and blockages in your system, it becomes quiet and calm. Then the energy, your higher Self, with which you are connected to everything and everyone, can guide you. You will automatically know, feel, hear and see what is for you. Just wait and see!


Work on your energy management to receive more light, to feel lighter and to be light.


Shine! ✨



I send you love