Peace on Earth

Day 24 Peace on earth

I would like to bring you back to the pure essence of Christmas by remembering that the Book of Love was taught by the King of Light.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
The Son of God

The King of Light
The incarnation and actualisation of God in a Human form.
He who lived by example to lead the way in the proces of awakening, mastering the Light of God by overcoming the darkness and purifying the Temple to ascend into the Kingdom of God within by activating the Light Body.

Many many books where removed from the Bible.

And this is where humanity was led astray from it,s own divinity and responsibility to follow his example to awaken, master and purify the temple of your physical body to activate the Light Body.

Centuries a go the followers of Jesus Christ, his disciples, the Kathars a long with the Tempeliers where hunted down and executed to stop the teachings of the ancient mystery gnostici that taught humans how we are all God,s childeren and have the divine abilities to enlightenment by following the example of Jesus Christ.

His birth, his life, his divine marriage to Mary Magdalena, his crucifixtion, his resurrection, his conciousness all represent the path to enlightenment for all of humanity.

He became the Light

He was born in Love
The King
The Heaven
Pure Love

In 1321, the Last “pure cathar” follower of the Book of Love , Guillaume Belibaste, was burned at the stake by the inquisition and declared that in 700 years they would return (700 years from 1321 is 2021). In this prophecy made by Belibaste he also stated that the “laurels would turn green again.”

That “good people” will return.

The good or God in people is Christ consciousness. That what you gave acomplished in these past 24 days.

Laurels are flora, the green.

The trees, the flowers will rebirth.

The Devine feminine will resurrect.

We are all born Christed.

There comes a time where are born and remain centered in that Christed nature.

The birth of this particular sort of Christed being marks the awakening of the supreme love that lies at the solar plexus of every woman, child and man.

Meaning when Yeshua/Jesus was born, it was also a marker that a new potential was born within all of humanity. It wasn’t initially intended to be idol worship. It was meant to be a metaphor that appeared externally to remind us of the internal stage we are collectively in.

“As within, so without.”

Will the book of love (collaborative text of Mary consciousness and Christ consciousness) be unveiled and re-uploaded into the collective consciousness of humanity?

I believe so

We are in a time where will all center back into the heart, into love.

Cycle by cycle, year by year. More will awaken to the truth of peace on earth.

The laurels will turn green and we will return back to the center of the temple.

The treasure is in the chest ❤

And so it is

May you have peace in your heart

Love in your eyes

And merry Christmas with loved ones

Sending you so much Love


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Sending Love