The labyrinth into 2023


Labyrinths carry universal magical truths and are full of ancient technology.

Walking the labyrinth is the ultimate quest to overcome the mazes of the Mind that blind your heart, which is the centre of your life.

You have only one life and one path to walk.

Guided by the ego mind you will get lost and of track.

Guided by the heart you will find your truth and your destiny on the path of Love.

Your path is unique.

Just like your life is unique and has many turns but only one single path forward.

Walk the labyrinth into the heart of 2023 and ask yourself the 6 questions of the 6 petals of the secret Rose.

Use your finger or a pen and concentrate on your breath to come into a meditative state of high awareness and intuitive knowing.

Let the path draw you into your heart, where you will connect to the heavens and to the earth.

This is were your love is.

This is were you come from and shall return to.

But not before you complete all cycles and surrender to your destiny, your destination on the path of Love.

Now close of the cycle of 2022, as you  prepare yourself for a new cycle in spirtual conciousness going into 2023.

Enter the labyrinth untill you arrive in the heart.

Now stand in each petal as you read out the question for each petal and feel the answer of your heart, your soul in connection to the Divine, the God force.

Write down your findings.

Trust that they will become more clear over time.


6 Rose petal questions closing 2022 and entering 2023

  • Petal 1  What challenges did you overcome and what did they teach you? What will you take along your path?
  • Petal 2 What relationships made you feel most supported and most loved? Who will accompany you into 2023?
  • Petal 3 When did you feel most content and at peace? Can you identify why and bring this into 2023?
  • Petal 4 What habits held you back and which pushed you forward? What habits will you work on?
  • Petal 5 What or who do you want or need to let go of? What does this create space for?
  • Petal 6 What do you need to forgive yourself and other for? Who do you need to ask for forgiveness?

Now stand in the middel of the Rose and breathe in the peacefull, clear energies of the new year.

May you carry this peace and clarity with you on your path of Love.
And so it is.


The rose in the Labyrinth carries the secrets of the templars, that protected the profecy and the pure teachings of the Path of Love thaught by Jezus Christ and Maria Magdalena.

The labyrinth is a secret ode and divine tool of sacred geometry, hidden in the architecture to remind us of the Divine femine truth that completes us on our path.
Without overcoming and purifying the Mary, the human ego we all have to concuer in our lives, we will not find the pure christed Love in our heart and feel the healing Light in our bodies.

The resurection of this Divine feminine energy merging with the Divine masculine light in your heart, in all man and woman will lead to the great awakening and the ascension of conciousness.

To evolve and create our through potential; heaven on earth.

When you and I live in peace and harmony with all around us.

No fear, no judgement, no insecurities, no illness, no sarrow.

Dark to Light

These truths have been hidden, forbidden and forgotten in herasy.

The time has come to bring these gifts back to you and me.

Because heaven is a place we find and create here in this lifetime.

Join me for more teachings, tools and findings of the original Path of Love.

I will be hosting Zoom teachings on this subjest in my Inner Circle.


We must awaken in the body to the truth that we are eternal souls,
connected over lifetimes,
challenged to overcome the human ego.

Through mastery and alchemy we expand our Light in living a life of wealth, health and love.

This is how we came to create heaven on earth.


Sending you Blessings and all my Love and Light on your path in 2023.



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