6 steps for Manifesting your intentions in 2023

Full moon report: 6 steps for Manifesting your intentions in 2023

The purpose of your soul’s
evolution on earth is to grow
in self-mastery, balance your
karma, fulfill your mission on
earth and make your
ascension in the Light.
The end of all your
incarnations is to become
your Real Self.


Let,s start this year with a class on setting intentions and actually manifesting them.

So with the bigger picture of your purpose here on earth and your intentions for 2023 on the horizon, the next steps are about setting the grid to get there.

Understanding the energies and utilizing the cycles of the universal powers of the Sun, Moon and the stars is key and part of highly conciouss excistence.

This is the wheel of Samsara that help you grow and thrive in this lifetime, by becoming a purposeful loving human Spirit creating a piece/peace of heaven on earth.

If you choose….

If you work on yourself to overcome the ego and to learn how to master your Mind Body & Spirit

Forgotten and doubted by many, half understood and picked up by trends, but still best practiced and utilized by the most powerful and rich people on this earth; numbers, dates, cycles, astrology and alchemy.

And they are also your inate power and lost truths for creation, believe it or not.
If you just follow these 6 steps:


“Everything you’ve ever wanted is just 6 steps away. And so it is.” Danïelle

1. Set future intentions as if Now
2. Change life structure that aligns
3. Set the mindset that aligns
4. Indicate believes that block you
5. Plan actions for each day
6. Commit to mastering your Mind Body & Spirit.


1. Set future intentions as if Now

Now when writting your goals or objectives; turn them into intentions. What is it you would like to experience, feel and be; in Service of others. In service of Self is ego and about what I want to have. Your purpose is much higher then the ego. So go higher. No less.

State your intentions as if you are already experiencing it, so you describe the feeling and not the thing or the situation or the relation. State the emotion. State the energy. This world and this whole universe including your Self (your higher Self that is, the lower self is just the ego).


2. Change life structure that aligns
3. Set the mindset that aligns

Step 2 and 3 are about setting the grid. The most important and overlooked steps when it comes to intention setting.

With a grid I mean the Mind – Body structures that will create the vehicle and the environment in which you can navigate through life as it comes to you and let the energies with life force flow through you and the Light penetrate inside your being to grow these seeds you how said to want to flourish.

Example: If your hearts desire is to feel healthy and strong in this body this year?

Because thay will contribute to your well being, your energy levels to live your purpose and to the quality of love for you and your loved ones.

But your environment and your vehicle are not in alignment; your diet habit is lacking and your self care habit is poor;

the chances that you will achieve that health are zero.

Now what most people do is a half attempt in setting up a gym membership and set the goal to cut down on sugar and snacks.
This is insufficient.
You have to be super efficient and committed to set your schedule up for the rest, the training, the eating, the kitchen, the fridge, the shopping list, the preparation skills of a fit body person.
It takes more then just a half hearted idea.
So set your schedule up for each month. Plan your training and with that plan your rest. If you are a sociable, over active, work aholic you will need to adapt new living skills.

You need more sleep, to get more energy and you need more time to eat and prepare food. And of course you need to schedule for different types of body movement and care: cardio fitness, yoga, swimming, muscle training, massage, sauna.
This is the grid that will set you up with a fit and healthy feeling structure that will change your body guaranteed.

But this is nog the most important part.

The outer environment can be prepared with scheduled and groceries and appointments for the massage and the yoga classes.

But now income the seductions and challenges of life.

What happens when we get going with our lives is that stress, shit, other peoples problems, tiredness and cravings for short term gratification of relieve and well feeling hit us.

And this is what it comes down to when manifesting your intentions.

Is you inner environment, your mind set, your emotional state, your emotional library, your psychological memory and your drive and will power Clear, Conciouss and Ego or Heart driven?

Because human beings are creatures of habit. And the habits are the ingrained and programmend thoughts, emotions, triggers that will activate the programmed subconscious Ego to take over in a heart beat to ensure you get quick gratification, escape, relieve and a easy way out when any stress arises.

And your ego will take you down thinking patterns that have set up your life grid, your life script, your comfort zone of expectations about you, your acomplishments, your destiny and the world around you.

And without working on this inner environment and the driver (Mind) behind the wheel of your vehicle (Body) your will most likely end up in the Maze of the Ego with dead ends, instead of in the Labyrinth that has only one path, but many turns leading you to the heart of your desires in alignment with your Spirit.

Overcoming the ego means deprogramming the Mind and working on strengthening your Spirtual Divine will power that is so much stronger and greater in enegy and potential then what the little ego wants you to believe.


Step 4 Indicate believes that block you

To test your self; get out your list of intentions for 2023.

Ask your self the question with Am I.

Am I going to get the experience of a healthy body in 2023?

Now feel what happens and who answers.
If you feel a clear yes it is your hearts desire and your souls knowing. Start creating the grid.

If you feel hesitang answering and/or you feel shame or insecurity linger in your belly. That is were your energy centres are still blocked with negative habita of believes and expectations about your Self. This is were your ego and your script will trip you up.

This is were your work lies……


5. Plan actions for each today

Plan the necessary actions to realise the grid so the energies can start flowing through your Mind Body vehicle and your souls purpose in alignment with Spirit.

And get going.


6. Commit to mastering your Mind Body & Spirit.

“To know your self is to become your Self and understand life in full Love and Light”. Daniëlle

Work on overcoming the ego by understanding your unconscious mind script to break through habits.

Feed your physical body and reality with that what nourishes and supports your destination, your intentions and your purpose. No less.

Alchemise your energy by purifying and healing your emotional body and clearing ancestral pain cycles that your are suppressing and repeating.

Release your inate spiritual powers and enlighten your soul essence with the Self Love, the love of God fore within you and me.


We must awaken in the body to the truth that we are eternal souls,
connected over lifetimes,
challenged to overcome the human ego.

Through mastery and alchemy we expand our Light in living a life of wealth, health and love.

This is how we came to create heaven on earth.


And so it is

Sending Love



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