Mastery of the Mind // Returning back to Self Love


Dismantling a lifelong deep negative mental program


A mental program is build of words, that all have different frequencies and cause all sorts of vibrations.

These vibrations form a field of resonance or disonance around you. This field then alters or levels you, your being, your body upwards into health, empowerment and creation.

Or downwards into stress, dispair and survival.

Words matter.

Words are intentionally chosen to create fields. When we start mastering the language of words and vibrations that we choose to think and feel us into the field where we want to be. We start rising and uplifting.

Hope is in every moment they say. But it still carries the vibration of uncertainty in it. Can you feel that?

Say this put loud:

– I hope things will work out for me someday.

– I know things will work out for me.

– Things are working out for me.

– Things are always working out for me.

Feel the difference? The more powerfull the words the more you inner being, mental, emotional amd physical body start to resonate with what you deep down alreay know. Your Spirit knows and this is why the last sentence feels so much better because it is in alignment witj who you really are and what potential of Light and Love and creation force ypu carry with you.

The core of an old program, with an old negative deep belief about yourself, can be completely cleared in a transformation process.

The core of the problem of ‘Not loving the Self’ and therefore trying to please, please, control, distance, impress etc. others can be completely cleared up and reversed in a positive program.

Change the inner language and you will change the outcome.

But note:

For that, it is necessary to become completely concious of the exact words of that program, which are automatically run from Self-Protection.

Only then does it become clear which layers of emotional pain from the distant past are hidden in the basement.

Only then it becomes clear which behavior is used repeatedly, which causes the repetitive effects, in situations and relationships in your life.

Only then the clean up can begin. Emotionally and energetically.

In a combination of steps, where you gain a cognitive insight into your patterns and their origin and energetically clean yourself from low frequency. To drain old pain and emotions that have solidified and are buried in your subconscious, so that this charge no longer moves and triggers in the here and now.

Then space is created for the integration of the light, of your soul and your higher Self.

For relaxation, for well being for who you really are.

If someone is not yet completely “clean” and “conscious” enough to be able to vibrate at that high frequency, to live in the “Here and Now”.

But still 70%, or more, lives in the automated defense response – the subconscious, then remains the tendency and the automatism in the human system to react from those old believes and as a result it activates the same defense patterns.

They are ingrained, because you have used these worda and thoughts for all your life and they have helped you so much when you were little.

To prove, justify, adapt, belittle, defend, blame, etc. yourSelf is what you will do again the moment you encounter a trigger or resistance in your life.

Once you see what you’ve been saying to yourself all your life and what the effect is, you can let go of what you’re blocking and repeating.

Now the clearing can begin.

It is important to learn to change your energy and the focus of your life to the positive.

You create yourSELF by:

Keeping your energy clean and the frequency high from Self Love and Self Confidence.

Choose words that liberate yourSelf.

Be very apprehensive of the words: not maybe, some, any.

Finish this sentence and choose to practice this each day. Repeating it 10 tines out loud each morning.

I can do what I love

I am a beautiful kind human spirit

I choose what is best for me

I create my own life

I am safe and able to thrive

I am love, sending love and reveiving love

I am here to thrive and shine

Or create one for yourself.

( If you have a question leave it in the comments)

Focus your energy on your intention Nd claim the energy around it. When anything disrupts this frequency, stop it. Protect your claim, your field, your power and your Love.

Say no. Disconnect. Walk away. And follow your own path and your own unique destination, on that what makes you happy.

If you are triggered in Self doubt. Take it home and turn the doubt words around in powerfull words. Your Mind will catch up with you. Fake it untill you make it. Say and program the words into your whole being. Let your heart lead the way.

You did not come here to doubt or defend yourself.

You did not come here to hide your true self based on an old programs of thoughts, which are not yours but probably taken over from others and which in the end are not true.

Free your Self.

Shine your Light

Sending Love