Mastery in Leadership

Leadership development from Mastery enables managers and executives to drive sustainable change and improvement within their organization, using a unique inside-out approach.

Mastery teaches professionals to sharpen their leadership style and skills from systemic, strategic, psychological and emotive inner management.

This means that as a leader you learn to observe, address and manage the entire field; that which is tangible, visible and concrete and that which is invisible, tangible, dynamic and decisive.

In this way, every manager can learn to manage from the result-oriented, co-creation and organizational strength that brings people together.

With a view to the vision and strategy, in constant motion and connection with the entire field, to jointly develop and professionalize.

Mastery in Leadership:

“Hard with a ‘D’ on the result and Hart with a ‘T’ on the relationship”

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The culture comprises the conscious and unconscious thought and behavior patterns that connect or divide employees. These patterns determine the dynamics in the collaboration between people, departments, teams internally and those with customers and other parties externally.

Ultimately, the dynamics in a culture determine the degree of safety, trust and motivation. These ingredients provide the empowerment and commitment in every team, which is necessary to work productively and effectively together towards the result. Negative energy blocks the effectiveness and development towards the result.

Mastery teaches the team to develop a common language in communication based on vision and strategy to create a professional culture with optimal dynamics.

The team is given the tools to signal, communicate and intervene, to learn to navigate through any situation with strength, while maintaining connection and focus or the result.

Mastery in Organizations

Every organization consists of 3 elements that together determine the potential:

Vision from the Content, the Structure and the Culture. These are the 3 buttons that you can learn to turn from mastery to achieve the desired results.

1. Content / Vision
The Vision is the dot on the horizon and the strategy is the way to get there. Mastery offers workshops to arrive at a clear, joint vision and strategy that is supported and felt by all employees.

2. Structure
The Structure supports the Vision of an organization in the realization, by structuring; goals, tasks. actions, mandate, procedures, lines of communication and management information. Mastery offers an online dashboard; Quality board that makes all these components transparent and controllable throughout the organization. In this dashboard, the team learns to set out the strategy in a structure and to manage the result from the culture. The structure streamlines the daily work, in a positive or negative direction of the result.

3. Culture
The Culture supports the structure of the organization in the realization of the goal. The culture determines the positive or negative dynamics to make reality.
Mastery offers team coaching to strengthen the autonomy and professionalism of the team. The strength of the culture in the cooperation between colleagues and clients, within the framework of the vision, forms the navigational ability of the organization to get from A to B. Culture is the engine of the organization.

These 3 steps are part of the complete Mastery Method for organizations (This is allowed on the Programs Organization page)
Steering from Mastery

Leadership to
– Organization
– Squad
– Colleague
– Group (education)
Sending from the Vision on
– Development
– Effectiveness
– Professionalism towards Result.