Have you ever looked at a swimming pool as a metaphor for the health of your body and mind? The pool’s filter equates to your body’s functions of detoxifying and restoring your balance. If you want to influence your body and energy field, it is important to become aware of the functioning of your system, your swimming pool. The new view on biology states that stress, pollution and acidification of the body are the underlying causes of all kinds of diseases and obesity. Transformation coach Danielle Stotijn explains this theory and shares a number of remedies to keep your pool clear.

Your body as a swimming pool: this is how you prevent the water from becoming cloudy

meditation, danielle stotinDaniëlle: ‘Some people have one in the garden, cool off in it on hot days, or lie on the edge on their sunbed. The swimming pool. You prefer to swim in clear water, with the right temperature and without floating debris. Cloudy water with algae or green deposits on the rim is unpleasant. And you also don’t want to stub your toes on junk lying on the bottom. Proper maintenance of the swimming pool is very important and requires careful attention.

The same applies to your own body and your energy field. You prefer to function, or swim, all day long on a flow of crisp fresh energy. See your body itself as a swimming pool in which all your cells swim. You want to keep the water as clean and clear as possible and ensure that it is properly filtered. The pool’s filter equates to your body’s functions of detoxifying and restoring your balance.


Imagine that we put a car exhaust pipe against the air pump that supplies the oxygen for the swimming pool. The water is then filled with carbon monoxide, directly lowering the alkaline pH. This creates an acidic pH environment and threatens the health of the water (read: your cells and organs). This is what happens when we put toxins and too much or the wrong foods (acid producing like dairy, sugar and animal protein) into our bodies. In this way you create a fertile soil for the emergence of stress and diseases. Provided: if you are sick, especially during this time, always go to a doctor. But there is also still room for improvement in general knowledge about health and well-being. If you want to learn how to influence your body and energy field, it is important to become aware of how your system works, your pool. So that you know which buttons you can turn yourself to influence this.

Blueprint of your swimming pool

The new view of biology states that stress, pollution and acidification of the body are the underlying causes of all disease and obesity. In contrast, there is ancient biology, based on the work of Louis Pasteur at the end of the 19th century. It states that disease comes from germs that enter the body from the outside. From this new perspective, germs cannot gain a foothold when the body is in harmony (homeostasis). Such a healthy balance starts with being able to influence the following building blocks:

  • Emotions: all your emotions about yourself and the world around you, from the now or unprocessed from the past. Fear, uncertainty, guilt, sadness, anger, etc. Fear is the most sickening emotion, with an enormous influence on the body.
  • Thoughts: all your thoughts, beliefs and thought patterns built from the family system, the social system, integrated into your personality. Who and how you should be, how it should be, what you can do, what you are not allowed to do, etc.
  • Physical factors: what you have taken in your life so far and your built-up physical structure and patterns of rest, exercise, nutrition and relationships. How to fulfill all your needs and respect your boundaries. How you take things in has an effect on the total in your physical body or experience.

Stress, heredity and toxins

This blueprint of your swimming pool is then also influenced by the following factors:

  • Stress: the amount of stress you are experiencing or have experienced in your life has a huge impact on your physical structure and energy level. Know that stress always precedes all other processes in your body. So at that point the creation of life stops and your system switches to survival. There is no energy left for all other vital processes. Your body reacts to work-related stress in basically the same way as it does to eating sugar or drinking alcohol. Stress is stress. The nervous system transitions from parasympathetic to sympathetic , from relaxation to tension. Your survival mechanism ( in this article by Danielle she gives an introduction to the 5 most common) kicks in and a cocktail of stress hormones is created to survive the situation that presents itself.
  • Heredity: you take over physical, emotional and mental hereditary patterns and structures from your parents and ancestors. DNA consists of so much more than just the physical component in your body. Also think of traumas, addictions, limitations and beliefs. Heredity is the innate lens through which you receive and experience life.
  • Exposure to toxic substances: Since the industrial revolution, people have been exposed to more and more toxic substances in the air, water, food and chemicals around us.

Unique obstacles

So there are endless factors that influence your health and well-being and every body has a different balance. What works for one person may not be effective for another. And that can be quite frustrating, especially if you are struggling with complaints. You see influencers doing all sorts of things on Instagram and you wonder why it’s not so easy for you. You may start to think you are weak. But remember that every human being faces their own genetic challenges, external factors, and toxic patterns. There is a generation-long history underlying everyone’s health. If you are burdened with hereditary factors, a stressful childhood, lack a financially secure base, suffer from recurring persistent complaints, then looking for balance in your swimming pool is a much bigger challenge.

Cleaning your system properly

Don’t lose hope: cleaning your system is always possible, even if it may take more time and research. For example, start working on the following points to restore homeostasis (balance) in your body:

  • Reduce stress: deactivate mental and physical patterns that cause stress and take more time to rest and recover
  • Detox from toxins and emotional blocks
  • Alkalize your diet

These three elements form a good kickstart of your personal process towards healing. I will now take a closer look at three buttons that you can learn to turn in your physical body to further increase the quality of your swimming pool water.

  • PH value: the correct acidity in the body is on average 7. That is the alkaline and neutral value of the water. Food can be divided into acidic and basic food. You can measure your PH value in the morning and/or evening to see what the effect of a certain diet is, and learn how to make adjustments.
  • Gut: the gut is seen as the second brain and provides the connection and balance between Mind and Body. In the case of depression, for example, there is always a relationship with the quality of the intestinal flora at that time. Healthy intestines do not leak and are able to detoxify bad substances in the body. But if low-grade inflammation is present due to improper nutrition or other influences, this function is lost. Understanding the type of stool is important, because it says a lot about the digestion of your food and your overall health.
  • Blood sugar: a constant blood sugar gives a fit feeling and a lot of energy. Fluctuating blood sugar gives peaks and troughs in your energy and in your sense of well-being. Understanding the effects of nutrients on your blood sugar gives you the opportunity to learn how to regulate it.

Finally, remember that stress always precedes other processes. If you are under too much stress, your body goes into survival mode and disrupts the rest. So always check first whether stress is the underlying cause of a complaint. Then stress reduction and detoxing is also necessary. Only alkalising and balancing nutrition is insufficient in this case. Conversely, only working on a positive Mindset is not enough. Transcending, it is always about the balance between the Mind – Body – Spirit triangle. In this way, stress shows you beautifully how your body and mind are connected and involved in a continuous dialogue. The good news is that you can influence its tone.