The values, believes, laws, conditions, hopes, faiths, no-go,s and fears that bind us.

Our culture may vary, depending were in the world you were born. But the root of all our cultures is based on the collective conciousness of love that we all share. Love in the sense of connecting and sharing; life force, light, power and knowledge to thrive and grow as humans. We share this love in our culture through all the relations we have in a life time; with the people, animals, nature and all it,s forces that bind us. Culture is what is consciously and unconsciously shared and mirrored by our elders. Teaching us what and who we are supposed or not supposed to be, how to view the world, how to act and how and who to respect, in all relations of love.

Culture should be your inner and outer priority of care. It is at the core of Mastery. Cultivating well being, love and respect in all relations. With your Self and with the world around you.