Mastery of the Higher Self

Mastery of the Higher Self is the art of learning to listen to that part of you that directs your intuition, your soul in this life. The art of daring to follow your own path and living out your potential in the expression and creation of who you really are. That part that urges you into experiencing power,happiness, enjoyment, meaning and living out your highest possible potential, your unique gold.

Your higher self is your soul connected to Spirit guides and the infinite Source energy of Love, God, which flows through everything and everyone and connects everything.

There is no one but yourself who can take care of your soul, be connected through intuitions emotion with your Higher Self and give your physical body the tools.

It is very easy in this physical world to be distracted by desires, struggles, attachments to the ego and materialistic things, which have their effect on the overall health of the physical body. This is an issue the free will that every human being has. You must choose to be a connection to Spirit in a body and not, Only a body with a personality, to align with Source.

Our Higher Self always has our best interests at heart, but sometimes it is drowned out by the voice of the ego, of personality, your Mind. The ego is very concerned with material things, success and how others think about us. But the Higher Self is not interested in that.

Your Higher Self especially wants you to know and to remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. The mistakes you made were just lessons to get you to where you are supposed to be. Those mistakes were essential steps and were necessary.

Your Higher Self wants you to remember that the present moment is the only moment you can change. The ego often thinks about the past and what happened there. The ego also keeps thinking about what might happen in the future. But in both places you cannot make a real change in reality, in the here and now. You have to move on. Your Higher Self wants you to remember that you have everything within you that you need. Learning about yourself and your self-worth is so important to your awareness. You are the only true judge of your self-worth.

The ego is very concerned about externals; it seeks external recognition from others. You will never reach your true goal if you are constantly trying to please others. Your Higher Self wants you to be guided by love and not by fear. The ego is guided by fear. The ego fears not having enough and not being enough. The only guide that follows your higher self is love the emotion and energy of the highest frequency. The ego is guided by fear the lowest of frequency. Your Higher Self wants you to remember that our safety lies in acceptance, not control. As humans we strive for security, this means we like to be in control of life, but we really can’t control everything, so learning to go with the flow helps us accept more rather than control.

Trust in the larger plan, in your own path.

Every day we struggle with thinking things have to be a certain way instead of just accepting reality as it is. We are not here to judge others, we are here to do the best we can in this life. Your mission, your purpose, is already within you when you are born. That is your individual and unique mission. It is up to you to fulfill it and no one else. Your Higher Self wants you to remember that you don’t need a solution. You are good enough the way you are.

Spiritual growth does not come from improving yourself; it comes from accepting yourself.

When you accept yourself, unhealthy thinking patterns begin to disappear. When you tune into the guidance of your Higher Self, you will remember what your true purpose is.

Again, self-awareness is the key!

When you tune into that awareness in yourself and around you and connect by going within Yourself, you are on your path.