• 1-1 coaching Professioneel of Persoonlijk

  • Personal online coaching session with Daniëlle for 60 minutes When you register at the bottom of this page, you will receive an email with a gift card. During the session we will look at lifeline, vitality, health and hapiness. We look at past, future and your now to understand dots that connect the matrix within you that holds you back. You will gain insight in layers of your self that you did not have before. You will get acces to steps forward and options to further ascend, thrive and learn. Sometimes one session is enough. You always have the option to continue 1-1 or in one of the other programs, but there are no obligations.

    Do you want to improve the connection with yourself? Improve your sense of self love and well being? Do you want to change the reality of your daily life?

      Then transformation coaching will help you to increase your consciousness and autonomy. By identifying and breaking through blocks you can let go of old stagnated emotions and false beliefs. You will gain a stronger and healthier sense of self, find a space of safety and peace within and discover who you truly are. Together we will scan and analyze your system and life path including defense mechanisms, triggers and effects (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks). Expanding and transforming yourself is only possible if you understand the repetition of lessons that your life shows you. You gain insight in your entire system and from there you become aware of your patterns, blockages, your purpose, your entire and higher Self. Consciousness brings you choices to make a transition into a different reality. It takes a process of transformation within yourself first before things will manifest on the outside. Mastery of the Self is the art of self-actualization, autonomy and authenticity.  

    Consciousness gives choices

  • The path to Enlightened Organisation

      Mastery 1-1 Business Coaching assists entrepeneurs to expand into the New Leadership Learn how to build your organisation based on a DNA blueprint system. Create aligned structures and a professional heart core valued culture in your daily internal and external communication. Connecting, inspiring and navigating your own results in alignment with Purpose. Learn how to gain more awareness and insight into yourself and to increase your autonomy and leadership. For professionals, independent entepeneurs or organisation and team leaders.  

    This Package contains:

    • Acces to the House of Evolution University
    • 4 sessions of 1-1 Zoom Business Coaching sessions in a private room
    • 4 Courses of Mastery material opening before each session
    • Mastery Templates and Tools
    • Recorded Zoom teaching sent after each sessions
    Duration: 1 hour each session Package Costs: 450 euros including study material


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