Bio Daniëlle


In my work I like to pass on to people what I have learned myself.

From all my own experiences, mistakes, difficulties, problems, quests and the knowledge that I have studied and gained in my life, I have developed my own resilience and Mastery method.

After years of working in large organizations in the corporate world, where I learned everything about business processes and the importance of collaboration and creating a positive culture, I followed my heart and started working as a coach and trainer. I have guided boards, teams and many people in increasing effectiveness and autonomy in themselves and in collaboration. It soon became clear to me that my talent lies in quickly and razor-sharp feeling and getting the causes on the table to generate the most potential transformations.
I touch on exactly that which people prefer to avoid because it is difficult to discuss. By combining the core of various theories, translated into a number of simple models that I draw and explain, I link the situation in which one is stuck with a model, so that it quickly becomes very visible what is happening now that blocks the flow. This creates insight and together with a safe space that I offer, movement and healing; Transformation and Alchemy.

My life has challenged me to work hard on my own process of processing, healing and building a healthy self-confidence to dare to make the choices that are right for me, to become and be myself completely. I learned a lot, read a lots of books and took all kinds of steps to get to where I am today; a strong woman, mum of two boys, entrepreneur, business woman, teacher, coach, inspirator, writer, healer, lightworker and most of all a happy and healthy human with a warm and kind Spirt aligned heart, able to assist others on their path of life.

My curiosity and inquisitiveness, in combination with the challenges in my own life, have always pushed me to improve, deepen and become proficient in everything that concerns life and the human system, from all corners and currents from all over the world; psychology, nutrition, healing, spirituality and more.

I teach, train, coach, inspire, heal and work with the energy around me and use what is needed at that moment.

I teach people what I have learned myself, so that they too can move forward and pass on something in their own way.


Pay it forward


The film about Trevor who has an alcoholic and unstable mother and father. He gets an assignment from his teacher: come up with a way to make the world a better place. Trevor devises a plan where everyone has to do a good deed for three people, who in turn have to do it for three others.
That is also the reason I do my job.
Like Trevor, I want to help people move forward, in change and wake them up to see their contribution and strength. Because sometimes you don’t see what you need and what you can do and someone else does. In this way we help each other, in seeing what is needed and in making change and improvement.
Giving meaning to yourself, to your life and to the world around you.

When I was a child I wanted to be an angel. Today I can say that I managed to do that quite a bit. I have turned my own pain and hard times into something beautiful.

And now I pass that on.

This is also the reason I started Mastery.
I bring different streams of knowledge and theories into a comprehensible and accessible translation of how you can improve, in any area. Because that’s what I can do; systems, patterns, structures and people by seeing, feeling and understanding, connecting and improving with a little gold.

I want to contribute to clearing negativity and to bring balance so that everything becomes lighter and flows again, as it should and as it feels right.

In addition, I want to create an oil slick, a platform of people who contribute to improvement and development in this world based on collectiveness, “own” wisdom and expertise.

Pay it forward

– Calling all angels –

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Sending Love
Daniëlle Stotijn