The Path of Truth – 10 wk online program

Datum evenement:

september 4, 2023

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19:00 CEST

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At home with Zoom


The Path of Truth – Cleaning up and building up is the work


Follow-up program on The Path to Awakening


In this 10 week online program you will continue to work on gaining insight into your own life story, in order to break free from the layers of conditioning that block your light in order to actualize who you really are.

Using the Mastery of the Self method, you work in an online group on House of Evolution in 10 weeks to clear up and build up your real truth.


Mastery of the Self means:

“Taking responsibility for your own life to restore the balance, to heal in order to build yourself up and to learn to navigate and influence your life from personal leadership”.


Learn how to free yourself from past and limitations, by reconditioning your thoughts and beliefs to a new Mindset that aligns with your higher Self. Your higher self is your soul that carries with it the blueprint of your destiny and your potential. Without space, connection and light (Sprit), this blueprint is overshadowed by the conditioning, adaptation and survival of the ego, which hinder the growth and development of your truth.


Learn how to move from who you think you should be to who you really are.


Wake up to the discovery of your true, autonomous and authentic self.


Learn how to change your reality in your body, your home by changing your energy.


Deepen the knowledge about yourself, from your conditioning, your defense and survival mechanisms to your communication and relationship patterns.


Learn who you are without all those ingrained and learned patterns that block the light in you.


Build on who you really are and what you’re here to do.


Cleaning up and building is the work.


In the follow-up program The Path of Evolution I will gladly guide you further on your path by working on actualizing and closing the Gap on your Purpose.


From navigating from your Mind;
how you think you should be,
to navigate from your Heart.
The result:
Autonomous, authentic living, in line with the light of who you really are.


During this program you will continue to work on your mental and emotional awareness and you will learn which mental programs determine your reality.

You gain insight into the part of yourself that you have denied, condemned and put away. You break through these beliefs and thought patterns and discover what lies buried beneath them in sorrow and pain and hidden in qualities, desires and needs.

You will learn which themes in your life this discovery about yourself influences and how you can transform it. In this way you wake up, as it were, in your own truth and space is created to become who you really are. To develop your full potential and no longer be blocked by an old, modified, lower version of yourself.

In this way, blockages and the underlying emotions associated with them are removed, the cause of the consequences you experience in your internal and external reality. When the negativity has been cleared up, you make room for more positivity in your energy and you feel more clearly what your limits are. Then you will learn how to maintain this mode of autonomy and translate it into relationships and situations in the interaction in your life.

By training your Mind and learning to apply meditation and your own energy management you can positively influence the energy in your own field, in the cells of your body and your life.


Buil up program:


  • Access to a closed group online on House of Evolution where you have lifetime access to all material.
  • 2 x per week Live teaching with Daniëlle of 1.5 hours during 5 weeks
    (Monday and Thursday).
  • Mastery of the Mind Body & Spirit study material referred to in the teachings.
  • Voluntary assignments to support the process (reading, writing, video recording, creative forms).
  • 3x a Live online guided group meditation with Daniëlle (Friday evening 20.00 week)
  • Chat forum to connect with other participants and ask questions.
  • All training sessions and meditations are recorded and can be viewed unlimitedly.
  • Program costs: 385,- euro incl. all materials, teachings and meditations //
    386.97 US Dollars // 334.13 British Pounds


Result Program:


During this program :

  • formulate your own objectives for your process
  • your knowledge is transferred from different theoretical movements and models
  • you work in various forms on gaining insight, on healing and on building yourself.
  • you work at your own pace in the online program consisting of zoom teachings from Daniëlle, study material, meditations, assignments.
  • work on integrating insights into a biographical perspective workbook, for documenting your truth and going your own way.


“If you always do what you always did,
you get what you always got”


Content Program:


The 10 steps in the Mastery method that we walk during the 10 weeks in the The Way of Truth program consist of:

1. Determine transformation starting point and goal.
1. Understanding the 12 Universal Laws of Creation.
3. Getting to know the workings of your own Mind Body Spirit system on all levels.
4. Become aware of the 7 themes in your life.
5. Discover your story and the matrix of your survival mechanisms.
6. Deactivate the old negative karma program of the Mind.
7. Develop autonomy and intuition from your true higher self.
8. Clear blockages in and around you.
9. Detox and nourish your system.
10. Learn to create and manifest your gut from Mastery.


This is a follow-up program.

First follow – The Path to Awakening

Continue with – The Path of Evolution

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  • At home with Zoom
  • Rotterdam
  • Nederland

Event Schedule Details

  • september 4, 2023 19:00 CEST   -   november 17, 2023 19:00 CET
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