Mastery of the Self level 1 & Coaching

Datum evenement:

mei 15, 2023

Tijd evenement:

19:00 CEST

Locatie evenement:

At home with Zoom

Limited spots available for Level 1 program & additional 1-1 Coaching


In this package 3 coaching sessions of 1 hour via Zoom are included to ensure extra integration and a full speed acceleration of your process.

1-1 coaching allows for personal guidance on your process & active healing of uncovered layers and aspects of your Self and your Life.

(normal price 100,- euro,s per coaching // included in this package 225,- euro,s for 3 coachings)

After booking this package I will contact you personally and plan the coachings paralel to the program with you.


Mastery of the Self level 1


This program offers you guidance in gaining full insight into your Self.

Opening up your conciousness and laying foundation for a quantum leap in your personal development.

In 7 weeks you will work on your process of Self Mastery trough:

  • 7 energy centres
  • 7 levels of conciousness
  • 7 states of archetypes
  • 7 frequencies

The Mastery method is a psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical teaching of self development that offers you understanding of your own being in all it’s layers, systems, states, programming, scripts, timelines and blocks.

This understanding of life is identical for everyone yet on a personal level different for everyone.
This program allows you to perceive your Self from a very broad perspective, giving you tools and means to navigate your Self.
A program that brings you closer to yourself and grounds you to become more powerfull in your energy.

Mastery Level 1 offers you insight and tools in the basic understanding of who your really are as opposed to who you thought you have had to be. The start on your journey of Self Love and Self Healing.

Mastery Level 2 offers you the work to master deprogramming, shifting, transcending and switching all of the layers, scripts, states, dimensions, life themes, potential and blocks in alignment with your light.

The objective is not to just be Light but to become flexible and capable to master dark and light in the contrast of life. Becoming more powerful in the light that you came here te be and share with the world, day by day.

Because an open consciousness and self mastery are the keys to life.

Join me at the start on May 15th 19.00 CET


Program content:

  • Access to a private group online at House of Evolution where you have lifetime access to all material.
  • 1 x a week a zoom teaching with Danielle of 1 hour for 7 weeks. Each lesson refers to teaching 1 / 7.
  • Mastery of the Mind Body & Spirit study material and mediations referred to in the teachings.
  • Voluntary assignments to support the process (reading, writing, creative forms).
  • Chat forum to connect with other participants and ask questions.
  • All teachings are recorded and can be viewed indefinitely.

Program costs:

  • 245,- euro,s incl. all materials
  • 225,- euro,s 3 x coaching sessions

Total 470,- euro,s



  • Greater conciousness about what is going on in and around you in your life.
  • You learn to recognize the cycles in your life story, your path, your purpose and that of your family system.
  • You gain insight into the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages that hold people in stress, unhealthy patterns, dependence and unconscious life on the autopilot of the ego, the personality, including your own.
  • Greater understanding of you lower and higher self with tools to start mastering your Light.
  • Beginning of the shift from ego to Spirit.
  • Personal Guidance & Healing of uncovered layers and aspects of your Self and your Life.
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
Totaal aantal plaatsen: 10
  • At home with Zoom
  • Rotterdam
  • Nederland

Event Schedule Details

  • mei 15, 2023 19:00 CEST
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