Introduction Class to Mastery // Mind Body Spirit

Datum evenement:

februari 23, 2023

Tijd evenement:

19:00 CET

Locatie evenement:

At home with Zoom


Most people cannot change the circumstances in their lives simply because they don’t change the frequency on the inside.

If you don’t change anything, you automatically respond to situations from a set of thoughts and behaviors that you’ve come to identify with.

That’s how I am, or that’s how it is.

When a problem arises in your life and causes stress, old memories are activated, because you have already experienced this feeling or something similar once (and probably again and again),

This creates a vicious cycle where the response to the problem actually feeds the same energy and if you keep feeding the same energy, you get the same reality.

In order to navigate a human system, yourself, in the direction of the desired creation, you must learn to control yourself optimally.

This requires insight into the operation of your system.

Think of driving a car on your way to a destination.

In this 2-hour online class you will become acquainted with  the basics of the Mastery method and you will gain a greater awareness of yourself.

Mastery means that you are able to learn to recognize, understand and control the different layers within yourself by making choices to navigate towards the highest possible frequency in the creation of your life.

Mental – Mind
Physical  – Body
Emotional – Heart
Spiritual – Soul and Spirit

Standing in your power requires awareness and mastery over yourself.


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  • At home with Zoom
  • Nederland

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  • februari 23, 2023 19:00 CET   -   21:00 CET
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