Mastery Level 1 program online


Mastery of the Self level 1

This program offers you guidance in gaining full insight into your true Self.

Opening up your conciousness and laying foundation for a quantum leap in your personal development.

In 7 weeks you will work on your process of Self Mastery in a group of like minded soul to identify:

  • your 7 energy centres
  • your 7 cycles of consciousness
  • your roles and archetypes
  • your states, blocks, shadows and light.

The Mastery method is a psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical teaching of self development that offers you understanding of your own being in all it’s layers, dimensions and timelines.

This understanding of life is identical for everyone yet on a personal level very different for everyone.
This program allows you to perceive your Self  and your path in life from a very broad perspective, giving you tools and means to navigate your Self on your path.
A program that brings you closer to yourself and grounds you to become more powerfull in your energy and your being.

Mastery Level 1 offers you insight and helps you identify all the layers you are made of.

It awakens you to who your really are as a whole being, as opposed to who you thought you have had to be.

The start on your journey of Self Love and Self Healing.

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Mastery Level 1 & 2

Both programs offer you insight into yourself and tools to better manage who you are, what you feel and how you can influence yourself from the inside and your life from the outside.

By learning to take control of your set point, your potential and your focus, you develop autonomy and a inner culture that allows you to align yourself while living the contrast waves of life, in the unique expression of who you are.

Learn what your mental, emotional and physical set point is, what holds you back to be, feel and express more of your light, where you sabotage yourself, what your desires, your pain, your talents and your challenges are.
To live from mastery.

The layers that over shadow your consciousness, your true self are the archetype psyche roles that make up the patterns and behaviours that you have adopted, learned and adapted in your personality. These layers can cause stagnation, stress and blockages in yourself, in your feeling and in the eventually in the physical expression of who you are.

These layers that over shadow your light cause all kinds of consequences in your system or in your life; insecurity, guilt, doubt, pain, cravings, addictions, co-dependencies, toxicity, sickness, depression and difficulties in your life, in your relationships, in yourself and in your body.

By learning to recognize the psychological, emotional and physical layers and patterns that you carry, you discover;
– What layers you inherited, learned and lived up to until now.
– What parts you can start healing, recover, balance, control and discover in yourself.
– Who you really are beneath the layers of conditioning and personality.
– What else of you may grow and develop in your potential.

Your autonomy is the unique expression of the colours that you are and bring to this world.
Only you know and can experience and be that light, as you break free from the layers of conditioning.
When you learn how to break free from your first, quick, automatic and autobiographical reaction.
You learn to live from mastery, in autonomy and authenticity.


The keys to learning to understand and direct yourself in the development of that autonomy, the light in your health and well-being, lie in the control of 3 switches. The switches to create the ultimate potential of light in your life from a higher, better and balance way of being. This is the state or culture within yourself.

The three switches in mastery give you control over:

– learning to shift the switch from your ego to your heart (from externally focused thinking, to internally focused knowing)

– learn to operate the switch of your energy household (from stress to strength and creation)

– learn to adjust the switch of your focus (from script, to autonomy and development)

Learn how to recognize, develop and change the different layers and switches within yourself, so that you can become flexible in managing yourself and the constant developments in your life.


Master level 1

This is the basic program and offers you all the knowledge and insight to identify the different layers, blockages and switches within yourself.

This program makes you aware of who you really are, as opposed to who you thought you should be.
The beginning of inner management is getting overview and awareness of your set point; who you are now, what you consist of and how you got there. Only then can you learn to look and develop further.
You learn to see and know your shadow, your light and your whole self.

In Mastery level 1 we treat the 7 circles of your Seed of Life, the Mastery sign that stands for the 7 energy themes of life. In the 7-week program you will learn about a theme each week that reflects the degree of balance in your light and shadow that reflects how you feel inside and how these themes flow or stagnate in your life.

The 7 themes are; safety, expression, strength, connection, communication, insight and a higher purpose.
The themes correspond to the energy centers, phases of development in life, the archetypes of collective expectations and roles we play and the added value we bring with our contribution.

Take my hand on this path of Mastery and I will teach you the basic Mastery pricipals of the Mind Body and Spirit teachings.

You will learn online in a closed group for 7 weeks with me. Learning in a group of people offers so much more insight and inspiration, because we can see our own light and shadow so much better through the eyes and experiences of another. Interaction online is therefore very important.


Mastery Level 2

This follow-up program offers you the tools to bring yourself into balance and in line with your own identity and truth. Your script consists of the archetypes, the shadow, the self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions and habits that you carry with you from the past.
Learning to shift the script and all the other Mind and Body layers and switches within yourself will enlighten you.
You will learn to be, think, feel, sleep, eat and communicate lighter and you will gain insight into your potential, that which makes you unique.
You learn your own identity, recognize your DNA so that you can grow and learn to bring yourself into a line of balance at all levels, as life is meant for.
Only then can you control your qualities, talents, challenges, pitfalls and pain from mastery in the contrast and cycle of life. You get to work with shadow work, light work and learning to become who you are; your truth, your way, your light.


Mastery level 1 starts on May 17 at 19:00 and then live on Wednesday evenings for 7 weeks. Recordings of the Zoom teaching are then available to watch at your own time.
You will get access to the group on May 17.


Program content level 1:

  • Access to a private group online at House of Evolution where you have lifetime access to all material.
  • 1 x a week a zoom lesson with Danielle of 1 hours for 7 weeks.
  • Mastery of the Mind Body & Spirit study materials and meditations referenced in the teachings.
  • Voluntary assignments to support the process (reading, writing, creative forms).
  • Chat forum to connect with other participants and ask questions.
  • All lessons are recorded and can be viewed indefinitely.

Program costs level 1:

245,- euro incl. all materials


Results level 1:

  • Open awareness and a full understanding of your Self on the 7 levels of self.
  • You learn to recognize the cycles in your life story, your path, your purpose and that of your family system.
  • You gain insight into the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages that hold you in stress, unhealthy patterns, dependence and unconscious life on the autopilot of the ego, the personality, including your own.
  • Better understanding, insight and knowledge of yourself and starting ability to direct yourself.
  • Basic knowledge of the Mastery Mind, Body, Spirit teachings.


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