Online program – Awakening from the matrix


A program for everyone who is looking for connection, context and perspective in the current situation we are navigating.


This is the Great Awakening


Awaken and become conciouss of your personal and the collective matrix field. Learn everything about the matrix in a closed group with like-minded people on House of Evolution and discover the exit. In a 5-week program, you will gain insights and tools on how to deal with your own awakening process, under the guidance of Daniëlle.


You are not alone.

In these dark days around Christmas it is extra important to connect with the light. That light is what we are together. This program is for anyone who is looking for a safety net and perspective.


Start: Sunday 19th December

Duration: 5 weeks


In this program:

  • You get context and understanding on what is going on in and around you
  • You will learn how historical, political, economic and spiritual backgrounds influence current developments.
  • You get acquainted with concepts such as timelines, dimensions, intuition, energy management, consciousness, awakening, mastery and enlightment.
  • Gain insight into the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages that hold humanity back (mind control, cognitive dissonance, weakened immune system,
    repetitive stress response).
  • You receive tools how to start recognising and hacking the Mind-Body program.
  • Strengthen the connection with your true Self and others in the group to grow in self-confidence and strength.
  • You work on your autonomy, health and light; the way out of this matrix.


This program offers you guidance in the process of awakening conciouness and prepares you for the transformation from your own individual and the collective matrix, to a higher consciousness of freedom.

A process that can be challenging, lonely, temporarily devastating and difficult. A journey that turns your inner and outer world upside down.

Daniëlle takes you along the present, past, future, in theory and current reality in a 5-week program.


This program consists of:

  • Private group access in House of Evolution on Moral platform
  • 2 x a week Live teaching from Daniëlle during 5 weeks (life long acces to videos)
  • Mastery of the Mind Body & Spirit course material with assignments to work on throughout the program.
  • 3 Live guided meditations by Daniëlle  (life long acces to meditation)
  • Private chat forum to connect with other participants and ask questions.


Read more about Daniëlle: MY MISSION


Start: Sunday 19th December

Duration: 5 weeks

Costs: € 85,-



You will receive an email confirming your registration and an email with access before the start on December 19. Daniëlle opens the program on December 19 with an intro zoom call in the closed group. Weekly live teachings on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon CET and remain available on video. Two live worldwide meditation on Wednesday evening with the group.

After these 5 weeks we close the program together in meditation. A new group will then start and/or you can enroll in the Mastery of the Self – year program.

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