Intro Webinar Mastery Mind Body Spirit

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9 april 2022

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At home with Zoom

During this workshop I will show you the matrix that limits you individually and thus also collectively in the experience of autonomy, health and light.

I provide insight into how the matrix is ​​currently becoming visible based on the Covid theater. And I tell you how this matrix defines our existence and affects all of us.

On the basis of the process of consciousness, mastery, awakening and enlightenment, from my book “The Path of Awakening” I assist you in becoming more conciouss of what is going on.

Consciousness gives you choice and the influence to ensure more balance within yourself.

Thousands of people are currently finding their way in that process of awakening towards the truth. A truth that gives you a clear view on the dark and the light in and especially around you at this moment in time.

If you understand the matrix you can find your path towards the light.

That path is inwards.


A path that will lead us together to a better world of connection.

At the end of this workshop you will have a clear picture of that path.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

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Totaal aantal plaatsen: 90 (32 Left:)
  • At home with Zoom
  • Nederland

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  • 9 april 2022 16:00   -   18:00
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